Fuelled by high demand in Hong Kong, Swiss watch sales resumed a strong trajectory of growth, with a 13.8 percent rise in April. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry said Tuesday, foreign sales of Swiss watches were 1.8 billion Swiss francs, or $1.8 billion dollars, led by robust growth in Asia.

The pace of foreign sales of Swiss watches had slowed down in March after brisk increases of 13 percent in both January and February. Sales to Hong Kong, the industry’s most important market, jumped 43.4 percent, the highest monthly rate in six years. Sales in China slowed compared to previous quarters and advanced 11 percent, while Japan continued to mark its recovery with a 9.1 percent rise. Continue reading


marcov2In 2014 LVMH signed an agreement with designer Marco De Vincenzo for the development of his Marco De Vincenzo brand through a JV. Delphine Arnault leading initiatives for LVMH with young creative talents declared. This summer 2016 at the Milano Fashion Week Marco drew his inspiration from Victor Vasarely. We hope the investment on this creative Designer will be like Maxime Simoens.


KIM2Kim Kardashian launched a new line of clothing in Brazil. She hoped to win over women in a land where voluptuousness is often celebrated !!! She said at an event in Sao Paulo that her “simple and sexy” range of clothing aimed to reflect her own tastes and comprised clothes she would wear herself.

“I wanted to show the Brazilian woman and her curves,” the star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” said as she unveiled the Kim Kardashian West collection for retail chain C&A, which has a strong presence in Brazil.

“In USA we have different opinions, different styles, and this was all me, so I could do whatever I wanted. I just went with everything I felt that I would really wear,” said Kardashian. Kardashian said she had worked hard to create a “simple and sexy” elastic range which can “adapt to any body type.” Continue reading


INSPIRATIONFashion designers will certainly agree that the main source behind design is Inspiration. Spiritus means ‘Blow of God’. While being a fashion designer the basic requirement is that you must come up with some exclusive designs that are original in its nature. Inspiration sometimes serves as a magical and mysterious occurrence that helps the designer to blend his inspiration with his creativeness and produces a unique combination from that.

A hard working fashion designer is without any doubt an incredible and prolific artist who is able to create designs out of everything that he can see.

Designers always roam around with a notebook where they jot down the different things that they experience while travelling from one place to another. Continue reading


DOLCE & GABBANAOnce upon a time, there was a flower called, the Rose and a child named Dolce & Gabbana. One day whereas he was walking in his garden dotted with thousands of flowers of all colors, with a thousand sweet perfumes, he was attracted by one of them, a very pretty pink Rose. A Rose… a child… freshness, escape and dreams. What pleasantly distract us from a prosaic daily, whose gravity affects us always more.

A Rose of March, to keep it alife as long as possible, I put it in water and I hide it in the bottom of my desk. Every moment I contemplated … He escaped from this senacle a fragrance that was floating in my house a surprising burst of dream and desire. Continue reading


GUCCIGucci, owned by French luxury goods group Kering SA , has suited to Court the Italien label Guess and has accused the trademark Guess of selling products such as wallets and belts which copied or mimicked its own designs.

The Court of Paris has rejected Gucci’s claims, finding no trademark infringement or unfair competition said Guess in a statement on Monday.

GUCCI has then stated that it will “certainly and immediately bring an appeal against the decision”.

The battle – which has already been fought in Italian and American courts – came to a close in Paris on Friday, with the court ruling that no trademark violation, no counterfeiting and no unfair competition had occurred. Gucci had requested Continue reading


ONAURATOUTVUCANALON AURA TOUT VU loves to distort Haute Couture, fashion and glam. This season, in a spray of sequins and preciosity and magical crystals, the spirit of the designers “On Aura Tout Vu” “re-dress” our daily life, showing us new facets, giving it sparkle, and offering it back to us a shiny precious and rafinated collection.

All lines travel around the same spirit of distortion and fantasia, a desire to play with fabrics, objects, light, colors, so that true and false are always mingling….

And what if the false were true? said the Queen as she delved into the looking glass, because in the wonderful land truth is the only hazard of beauty. Reminding us how the realm of beauty has games of its own like pleasure and seduction.

At the end the model wears on her breast ‘stop violence just dance’, which sent a subliminal message to the French Fashion Federation who fired them for any raison this year. Everybody knows that the Federation does not award talented fashion designers, but only their friends.


Frank Sorbier Couture Spring Summer 2015 Paris
Franck Sorbier’s wound due to the death of their “Love bird” is like an indelible mark of their friend of 14 years old. At first, the feelings are like anesthetized but very quickly, the creation comes as a fulgurance.

The Master Franck Sorbier took us into a cloud of bubbles to remember. Tribute to the little black dress of Haute Couture, symbolizing mourning but also the memory of what was Haute Couture.

Beautiful Memories are also the quintessence of fashion. And as Camus used to say, “the way you name things, can add to the misery of the world.” Is not it, Mr. Wargnier?

Franck’s heart intelligence equaled that of his mind, whose creations, such as commitments in life, makes the brilliance of his soul as much as questions in this world.

Thank you sir.