The title sounds like a philosophical fable, a dreamlike tale, a belief shared by believers from all walks of life. But he speaks, above all, despite his backward references, of an increasingly hot topicality on the subject of wealth and poverty.

Some time ago, the magazine « L’Histoire » had the headline « The Rich and the Poor, 1000 years of inequality ». Far from me the idea of any morality or a trial of intent. I must admit that I had a lot of trouble choosing the direction of this collection. To be honest, I didn’t want to choose and each character finally found its place.` The Servant, the Ferryman and the Relic.

The Servant embodies a girl of the woods, glades and ponds. A peasant woman who evolves in a bucolic universe which translates my desire for stripping back.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who has never left my thoughts, is once again present in Ermenonville, not far from Chaalis. He will live there for the last ten years of his life. Here, he is at the heart of his deep convictions, those related to nature. Continue reading


This collection features one of the major characters of the Comedia dell’arte: Il Medico.

Indeed, at the time of the Black Plague, the city of Venice paid doctors to treat the sick, rich and poor. If this mask with its long beak can make one think of a bird, it is nothing more than a filter capable of protecting against the epidemic transmitted by the air. A wooden cane was used to auscultate the patients.

The Statue of Liberty appears bound, wrapped, gagged, a whole symbol … As for the plague aka COVID 19, it is embodied by Ophelia Kolb and Il Medico, by Alexandre Risso, aka the medical corps, to whom we can only pay tribute.

From Haute Couture, here is the elusive poet of the new times, who inserts his Apollonide seeds to transform our world and eventually return it to us all in its original form. It is the sweetest message and the most violent of Fashion Week, but the most real at the same time, like a deity filled with frenzy, the Covid stigmatized in a Franck Sorbier dress, as if to control it better. Continue reading


Poetry and Haute Couture are the highlights of Franck Sorbier presentation, the unique and exclusive Paris Fashion show and those who attended belong to the Paris intelligentsia.

The fashion poet, who is on the edge of exceptional creation, reinvents the Haute couture at  each collection, to the extent that large fashion companies such as Dior or Karl at Chanel’s copy the Fashion show process and has dictated to the other fashion designers.

Tenacity and passion can overcome any financial obstacles – to note that today Franck Sorbier is the only designer to realize himself his collection of Haute Couture, without having to call for dressmakers.

The others draw their collection and then give what they have conceived to dressmakers named in France “petites mains”. I must say that it is very sad not to even participate in the manufacture of its creations and being able to feel the material in his hands. Continue reading


SORBIER10Franck Sorbier is not just Fashion, it is a performance of art. Many dancers swirled to a hypnotic drum at the Guimet Museum of Asian art.
Taking its inspiration from Rodin’s sand colours of the Khmer dancers, The King and I, an exhibition on 2,000 years of Asian theatre, and an ancient legend about a shepherd falling in love with a star, it presents an exotic, romantic fairy-tale.

The named ‘Celestial’ Lovers reworks the age-old story of a princess and a pauper, using a variety of styles to show the theme’s universality. Dresses, made of a patchwork of colours and reminiscent of Tinkerbell .
Dresses, a one-shoulder gown, with pleated silk covered with asia calligraphy and watercolours like sexuel obsession.
The freedom to love and a timeless story, a theme that he considers as the big subject of the history of humanity.



dreamerFranck Sorbier’s fashion shows are always a exceptional and magic moment. In 2013, the poet, Franck Sorbier, has choosen to reinterpret the tale of “Peau d’Ane”. There is some Magic in the Telling … “Discovering the Dreamer of Franck Sorbier”.

Haute Couture is a land that imagination forgot. Many will speak of it as legend or as fantasy or even as mythology. And that is perfectly fine. We have no objection. However, Haute Couture is a real fact of life.

And, as you cross the Bridge of Belief, as you imagine yourself lifting out of the logic and out of the reason of the consensus reality, moving beyond time and space and beyond time-space, you can find that that land is and has been forgotten by the imagination. Continue reading


Frank Sorbier Couture Spring Summer 2015 Paris
Franck Sorbier’s wound due to the death of their “Love bird” is like an indelible mark of their friend of 14 years old. At first, the feelings are like anesthetized but very quickly, the creation comes as a fulgurance.

The Master Franck Sorbier took us into a cloud of bubbles to remember. Tribute to the little black dress of Haute Couture, symbolizing mourning but also the memory of what was Haute Couture.

Beautiful Memories are also the quintessence of fashion. And as Camus used to say, “the way you name things, can add to the misery of the world.” Is not it, Mr. Wargnier?

Franck’s heart intelligence equaled that of his mind, whose creations, such as commitments in life, makes the brilliance of his soul as much as questions in this world.

Thank you sir.




LEREVE2Franck Sorbier’s fashion shows are always an exceptional and magic moment. For the poet, Haute Couture is a land that imagination forgot. Many will speak of it as legend or as fantasy or even as mythology. And that is perfectly fine. We have no objection. However, Haute Couture is a real fact of life. And, as you cross the Bridge of Belief, as you imagine yourself lifting out of the logic and out of the reason of the consensus reality, moving beyond time and space and beyond time-space, you can find that that land is and has been forgotten by the imagination.

As one were to approach the catwalk, it would be located in the Pacific Ocean, far from other land masses, to be sure. And one would note first what seemed to be a cloud or a mist that seemed to hang low over the ocean. And out of that mist Continue reading


SORBIERCandles were burning. In the air there was the scent of burning wax. You had the feeling to be in the XIX century at the time of what was called “La Belle Epoque”. They had recreated the atmosphere of a boudoir. In the flickering light, the set looked like the bohemian curio salon, where poets like Rimbaud, Verlaine, Musset and so many others were debating and redesigning the world – and occasionally indulge in absinthe. French singer Emilie Simon opened the show with the song “Paris, j’ai pris perpète”.

The presentation started and the collection as usual was mastered Haute Couture. The dresses were part of the atmosphere and vice versa. That was the dream of Franck Sorbier this season. In the red carpet between reality Stars and Chinese clients, the collection looks like a painting. My neighbor found it so romantic and so poetic.

The Violoncellist was continuing to play and invited us to travel in Franck Sorbier’s world Continue reading


SORBIERNobody knows how to take us for a long memory trip, except Franck Sorbier. Shame on people who left before the show started. Yes, the show was one hour late, but what a show. It was a real choc and I will never regret to have stayed.

Franck Sorbier’s GIANTS re-interpreted the long travel of Gulliver. The carpediem realistic vision makes us travel in another world. Didier Grumbach can you imagine how we are small in front of this monument. May we advise you to reconsider how the Fashion shows should be. The power of imagination, the power of creation are the print  for the next 100 generations.

Franck Sorbier, you are the GIANT of the Haute Couture and today, you have no real competitors.

Come and pay your place to the Sorbier Foundation to discover the magic land of Continue reading


SORBIERFranck Sorbier’s fashion shows are always exceptional and magic moments. Haute Couture is a land of imagination. Many will speak of it as legend, as fantasy or even more as mythology. That is perfectly true. However, Haute Couture is a real exclusive instant to experience and share at least once in your life.

And, as you cross the “Bridge of Belief”, you can already imagine yourself lifting out of logic and out of reality, moving beyond time and space and beyond time-space, your imagination crosses Frank Sorbier’s imagination land.

Come and pay  a ticket to the Foundation to discover the magic land of Franck Sorbier, his mystic land of dreams at his next Haute Couture show in July. We can ensure you that you will spend an unforgettable moment in the Haute Couture world.  See you then! click here


The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power. The ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. The real key to turning imagination into reality is acting as if the imagined scene was real and already accomplished.

Instead of pretending it is a scene from the future, imagine it if you were truly experiencing it in the present. It is a real event in the present moment.

The great Master Franck Sorbier, through the Continue reading


Exclusive Kimbra interview after the Franck Sorbier Show. She arrives on time with Franck Sorbier in Paris downtown closed to the Palais Royal. Very pretty and very fresh, she looks like my daugther, Dgena the bloggeuse, and of whom she is a fan (Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know ).  She met Franck Sorbier on Internet, and she appreciates his work. The Master Class Franck is probably the best creative fashion designer in the world.

The 24-year-old New Zealander is in Paris, and she is the new egeria of the Sorbier fashion house. Kimbra Johnson has been playing music since her early teens, but she really started when she had the chance to move to Australia, where she continued her musical pursuits and was able to produce music that is funky, soulful, and full of fun. Continue reading