BURMA 2024

Paris is living in the Roaring Twenties, when Gaston Doumergue inaugurates Boulevard Haussmann with silver-gilt scissors; he cuts the symbolic ribbon criticized by some. At the time, Joséphine Baker had just performed at the Folies Bergères, with the revue Nègre. In the heart of the theater district, Maison Burma opens its doors and signs a style, in line with the new modern, emancipated and bustling woman.

Independent since its creation in 1927, faithful to the creativity and quality of the Maison’s creations, with a festive heart, a light spirit, with jewelry that marks the present time. Paris was the center of the international literary scene in those years, and writers like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and James Joyce participated in wild literary circles.

In Paris, fashion at that time was also driven by renowned designers like Coco Chanel who revolutionized the industry with their innovative designs. Burma plays a decisive role, because with an international reputation for its magnificent pieces set with these precious gems, it imposes its creations.

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Labrum London, the brand founded by Foday Dumbuya, won the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design last year.

He summoned London’s fashion crowd to the Tate Britain for a show that started 40 minutes late accompanied by a slow hypnotic soundtrack that seemed stuck in time. It didn’t help he was the last to show on Saturday evening. Continue reading


Willy Chavarria  the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award winner showed in a primo time slot on the first night of New York Fashion Week in the same building where his design studio is housed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

His packed front row included Julia Fox, Becky G, Sam Smith, Susanne Bartsch and former club kid Amanda Lepore. The room was flooded with sexy red lighting, and the wooden chairs were stamped with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, underscoring the influence of the Catholic church and religious life on the Mexican American designer.

a celebration of sexual freedom, queer self-expression and harmony as a big happy and safe family.if you understand the message because I didn’t understand anything. Latin American people just released from prison will really like this collection.

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When it comes to fashion, clothes usually do not compromise with the prices; in fact sometimes the more expensive it is, the simpler the design or the pattern would be or the more wanted the item is simply due to the price. TIFFANY BROWN Designs carries her private labeled products that are unique to the global market.


Charles de Vilmorin is ready for his next act: a ready-to-wear line! showcase hosted by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode.

The French designer, a graduate of the no-longer École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, emerged during the pandemic thanks to an eye-catching line of patchwork quilted bombers copied from artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

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Featured at Abercrombie and Fitch’s Fifth Avenue flagship in Manhattan was a McLaren Formula 1 race car and a new line of licensed McLaren graphic T-shirts, hoodies and jackets.

Abercrombie’s McLaren licensed graphic tees and apparel went viral on TikTok last year when drops of Abercrombie’s McLaren licensed graphic tees were released. Content creation, social media collaborations, and events are also part of the partnership.

The collaboration now includes six licensed T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts across men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes, with more to come throughout the year. Prices for the products range from $40 to $90. They are available on abercrombie.com and in Abercrombie stores. Through Sunday, the race car will be on display at the Abercrombie store at 668 Fifth Avenue.


Moschino has appointed Adrian Appiolaza as creative director. The Argentinian designer will lead the house’s women’s, men’s and accessories collections, succeeding Davide Renne, who died prematurely last November a few months after being appointed head of style at Moschino.

Adrian Appiolaza left Buenos Aires, where he grew up, in his early twenties to move to London, where he graduated from Central Saint Martins fashion school. On leaving school in 2002, he made his debut at Chloé, before transferring to Miu Miu four years later.

In 2009, he joined Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, then returned to Chloé as design director for ready-to-wear. In 2014, he joined Loewe (LVMH), holding the position of design director for women’s ready-to-wear for almost a decade.


As Gwendoline Christie finished her circuit in her kinky fit-and-flare latex dress, the photographers howled “Bravo” and filmmaker Baz Luhrmann joined the audience in stomping his feet. Every outfit was a marvel of imagination and artisanal craft. Mix between New look, and French cancan dancers, but also the style of the court of Catherine de Medicis.

There were sheer bias-cut dresses embellished with silvery embroidery, or dense accumulation of godets; rumpled street-urchin suits nipped and tucked for maximum glamour, and gauzy siren gowns that showed off the models’ enhanced Jessica Rabbit figures like the cartoom.

At the end of a week full of safe, client-friendly clothes, Galliano returned the rare pursuit to its original R&D purpose. This poignant, unforgettable show reaffirmed Galliano’s status as a fashion icon.

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A cowboy for Vuitton by Pharrell, I would have rather said a “screw it” boy, and the magazines tomorrow will headline the stroke of genius of making a Cowboy collection, you really had to think about it!

Walk your carcass in the gardens of the Vuitton foundation for a Wild West beef effect in front of philistines asleep by the hash consumed while waiting for the “Wall of Fame”, for the last train of “Gun Deal” rolling towards the American West to project us the last kaleidoscope of the plastic canvas of the lord of the Rings.

This is a very different atmosphere from the Pont Neuf for the success of a man of Nothingness, the, son of a pharaoh, as he likes to call himself, does not even know that the Ameridians had black slaves since 1502, attesting to the idea that he doesn’t even know the history of his own country.

Pharrell cultivates the Wild West which is less dangerous, but will not help him to create a collection with talent, only with the boutiques that you can be found north of Los Angeles where John Wayne used to hang out. ‘dress and where I bought my Stetson long time ago.

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At the heart of the luxury goods and perfume industry, where every detail counts and design is king, a singular and enigmatic figure emerges: a bottle designer like Serge Mansau and Pierre Dinand in their day. But not just any designer: this one doesn’t work for the big name brands, but rather for some completely unlikely ones. Here’s a look at an artist who’s going against the grain.

While the world of fashion and luxury is dominated by the big houses of the Lord of Arnault and the Prince of Venice, this designer deliberately chooses to stray from the beaten track to make a name for himself. Why design bottles for Chanel, Dior or Gucci when you can design “Ce n’est pas drôle c’est Marrant” for Isabelle, “A mon Aix” for Jacquemus, or “un Ami qui vous veut du bien” for AMI perfume?

He challenges norms and expectations, questions established values and offers a subtle but powerful critique of the excessive superficiality that often characterises the world of luxury and the lack of humour, a powerful factor in memorisation. His approach provokes conversation, fuels social media and challenges established conventions. Ultimately, this designer manages to kick-start even the very universe he deliberately chooses to defy.

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Natalie Portman wearing Dior couture. Louis Vuitton’s fashion brand juggernaut, which has tripled in size in less than seven years, dressed 19 celebrities at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

In a Dior Haute Couture, Natalie Portman channeled her character in Saltburn while Rosamund Pike wore Dior Haute Couture

In a black silk wool peak-lapel tuxedo and black embroidered shirt, Dior men’s artistic director Kim Jones dressed 12 guests, including Succession winner Kieran Culkin.

Styled by Petra Flannery, Emma Stone wore a custom deep-V gown with flower embellishments and Louis Vuitton high jewelry.

Barry Keoghan wore a red Damier-patterned Louis Vuitton suit with a punk edge from the men’s spring 2004 collection with pearl buttons and a pearl wallet chain. For the Golden Globes the winner is LVMH, congratulation Lord.


The French luxury brand has redoubled its deployment, including a temporary establishment on Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris and a takeover of its Fifth Avenue flagship in New York, both entirely decorated with the checkerboard pattern. . . it was the keystone of Monsieur Happy’s spring 2024 collection.

During Vuitton’s pre-fall men’s show in Hong Kong in early December, Williams took a quick business trip to China, which coincided with the installation of three giant Speedy airbags: one on the exterior of the Louis Vuitton house . . Chengdu lighthouse. and two in Shanghai, one of which ran down the Huangpu River into the city.

According to research and data analytics company Launchmetrics, the show had a media impact value of $42.6 million. The event broke records by garnering 775 million views on Vuitton-owned platforms and an additional 300 million video views on press accounts, the brand said, but no orders! Continue reading


Thom Browne or the external sign of inner wealth, for one of the most personal collections he has ever presented. With its sense of shimmering color from the last collection, it is a perfect opposite because the gray now “relieves” it. Thom’s color this season, this gray symbolizes refinement, maturity, and conservatism in a cleverly constructed cocktail of the upcoming Trumpist wave.

There is a pleated skirt, Tartan type, an inexhaustible source of creations for Scots on the go, which could make Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen out of date. The collection of an androgynous artist, who praises my wandering spirit as a Jew and Greek shepherd to the “faith”.

And despite everything, it is poetry from another time delivered in this sumptuous, inaccessible and insane setting of the Big Apple, initiated for an unfailing pleasure for the eye. Giving is a physical and psychological need, and the adrenaline of a heart in search of pleasure is also shared together in the city of “Taxi Driver” and Edgar Allan Poe.



The French want to take over global luxury under the patronage of the Marand nap. LVMH and the Lord Bernard Arnault also acknowledged LVMH and Chanel’s collaboration. The environmental challenge redefines the usual rules of competition, said the chairman and CEO. According to Lord Arnault, competition should focus on design and creativity, and businesses should share information. But the real reason is to get familly hands on global luxury.

According to Antoine Arnault, the two groups have the same vision of luxury and will have to work together to move faster. As part of a video interview, Chanel SAS president Bruno Pavlovsky discussed the importance of building a relationship between the groups that often source from the same suppliers.

“I believe it is our duty to know how to rise above the usual patterns. This is why we have chosen to invite certain competitors today,” he added. “Progress of any kind is crucial. We must join forces.” The name of the game from now on for us is going to be Scope 3. Continue reading


On Wednesday evening, a handful of tall Bimbos, sitting in the stands of the football stadium, located in the county of Greater Manchester, were waiting for the next day’s show. Did she know that the venue, built in 1909, is the home of Manchester United? This stadium was destroyed by German bombings during the Second World War, when Mademoiselle Chanel slept with a Wehrmacht officer. We prefer the memory of her affair with Hugh Grosvenor, the region’s second Duke of Westminster and the richest man in Britain, which reminds us that Coco was already very international.

This year, after Dakar, Chanel chose the black of Coke from Manchester, a mining town. For Haute Couture Bimbos, a shock of cultures contrasts with the destinations of yesteryear: heavenly beaches and champagne galore. For me it will be a wetsuit jacket in my Rimowa. Thank you Lord, and I’m taking the “Poudlard Express” for a Métiers d’Art parade which is ultimately a return to basics, because the city in the 19th century was driven by the textile industry where half of the world’s cotton passed through its factories. ; triangular slave trade obliges.

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