Like the sand of the azure deserts, like the long fluctuations of the swell of the seas, she grows with indifference, and her shining eyes are made of delicately chosen minerals. In this brilliant and symbolic nature where the angel mingles with the ancient sphinx, where all is only gold, steel, light and diamonds, shine forever for women to sublimate them.

Earth or Luna, a star whose Indo-European root means “to be luminous or illuminated”, it is also called the luminous one to designate both the star and the divinity. The earth turns to remind us of the meaning of life, here is the charm and beauty, like a kind of flower for the skin, which dances under an eye of diamonds so that the light carries a smile.

To offer a jewel to whoever wants love, is to drink the one or the other, depending on who you are, who is dying of the thirst to love. From the top of her heels, here is the feminine exterior, and I have never seen anything more grand and majestic than ILONA’s creations. Continue reading


LVMH’s Tiffany reboot is working, delivering what the group called a “remarkable performance” in its third quarter results. Following its acquisition of the American jeweller in January 2021, LVMH lost no time in appointing a heavyweight management team, speed being a vital ingredient in successful . Continue reading


Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call for China to achieve common prosperity and narrow its wealth gap has had no impact so far on sales at LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury group.

Analysts fear the policy, announced in August alongside a crackdown on “excessive incomes,” could deprive the luxury goods industry of its biggest motor. While shares of leading companies, including LVMH, fell sharply in the wake of Xi’s speech, the French conglomerate’s third-quarter sales suggest there has been little impact in its stores in China so far.

The luxury group posted revenues of 15.51 billion euros in the three months to Sept. 30, up 11 percent in organic terms versus 2019. Continue reading


Fosun Fashion Group has a new name, Lanvin Group, and new investors who bring the valuation of the Chinese fashion conglomerate to more than $1 billion.

Armed with more capital and industry expertise, the Shanghai-based firm plans to push further into Asia and the U.S., and continue building its portfolio of premium and luxury brands.

Joann Cheng, chair of Lanvin Group, said Its latest funding round raised about $150 million and brought on board two strategic investors Japan’s Itochu Corp, and Chinese high-end footwear maker Stella International as well as private equity firm Xizhi Capital, but Fosun International Ltd remains stay the majority stakeholder. Continue reading


Saint Laurent is finally back and black on the official Paris Fashion Week schedule. Anthony Vaccarello’s narrow, elongated silhouettes for spring as emphatic as the Iron Lady, models filing in precise rows around a wall of scaffolding that blinked with lights and ultimately erupted with falling water. Continue reading


Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer has tapped actor Ryan Gosling as its newest ambassador the first partnership signed by the Canadian actor starting today.

Tag Heuer chief executive officer Frédéric Arnault expressed his admiration for the actor, describing him as “true artist” who “dedicates himself to [his projects] like no other, not only shaping his character but the entire creative direction” and lauding his “sense of detail in every image.

As for Gosling, it’s the fact that the brand has consistently been a pillar of excellence in their field for the last 160 years.  It wasn’t until a visit to NASA while preparing for his portrayal of astronaut Neil Armstrong “First Man” that he started to appreciate the mechanical artistry involved in timepieces, and learned of Tag Heuer’s involvement in the space race John Glenn had used a Heuer 2915A stopwatch during his three orbits around the world in 1962.


To close the Paris fashion shows, Vuitton decorated the Louvre’s Passage Richelieu with a sea of vintage chandeliers and told a story few have ever heard. The passage was used by Louis Vuitton himself to “reach the apartments of Empress Eugenie”  the wife of Napoleon III  “for whom he was the trunk maker.” Thanks to Nicolas for this kind invitation.


There are undoubtedly some paradoxes in wanting to deal with ethos in a century that has abundantly boasted of having liquidated the poetry of its vocabulary. In fact, the very term ethos refers first of all to contemplations, its cohort of outcasts, and all those Greek words swept away by the supposedly liberating breath of today’s society. This word is hardly used anymore in our country except as a mockery to indicate a pretentious and bloated style.

Life is like that and everything gives hope, because from its failures, from its pains, we keep the mortgage of our mistakes, and Carine Viard, each time a little more, advances to transform the brand with the two Cs, after a Karl thundering of radiation, she will finally shine in the shadow of the house.

The last dresses like butterflies, silk fans as Gérard de Nerval might have said, dresses that unfold in azure colors like the golden wings of Lepidoptera, tiny wings of sailboats mistreated by the wind, superfluous petals that wander through the gardens of the Champs-de-Mars and end the presentation in beauty.


Continue reading


The Balenciaga show was riotously fun, blurring the lines between fashion and entertainment; thawing the icy, impassive image of the Balenciaga brand, and further solidifying Demna Gvasalia’s position as one of the industry’s most original and unpredictable thinkers.

The “Théâtre du Châtelet” had all the trappings of awards season in Hollywood: howling photographers, efficient handlers, and a steady stream of attention-seeking guests. All of this was broadcast inside the venue on a giant screen as if it were Césars, the night of the Césars, a kind of French Oscar, usually at the Chatelet theater . Continue reading


You can find everything at the Samaritaine! Including young talented designers who parade from the first to the last floor, under the applause of the public. Fashion comes down to the street with men and women of the street (non-professional models)! This sacrosanct Fashion Week, this cenacle asleep and protected by some to remain in dark rooms hyperprotected for VIPs where everything sells so quickly that nothing is sold in the stores because they are empty of creation and meaning. Dgena, yesterday afternoon, brought fashion to the street, in Les Halles, the epicenter of youth, under “La Canopée” that young people want to protect at all costs and on the square of the last jewel of the Lord of Arnault, the young designer presented the last 20 models from Upcycling.

The originality of this one: all the pieces created are from overcycling, more commonly called “Upcycling” (end of rolls, fabric scraps, building tarpaulins, clothes found in resourceries, including clothes from individuals) and made in the luxury standards of Haute Couture. With this collection, Dgena shows that it is possible to make Luxury with existing clothes and materials, donated or from the recovery . Continue reading


The Chloé fashion show, carried out by its new artistic director, Gabriela Hearst was held on the banks of the Seine at the Port de la Tournelle, next the restaurant the “Cheval Blanc” owned by the Lord of Arnault. Walking down the quay of the Pont de la Cité, the clouds chased by the breeze and cleaned from the rats by the city, for the circumstance, we waited quietly as “baliste” ready to shoot. I see a small swallow twirling back into town, then the noise calms down around us. On the Seine, hardly a wave, and the show begins for Gabriela who is not Mistral, not more Neruda, the educated will understand.

Long and ample silhouettes, dresses in raw silk of cream color, fringed like the Indian “komants” or Comanches, which means “those who always fight”. So the devil is in the details, like these hand-painted glazed ceramic buttons or these laces-fringes, recovered from sneakers, decorated with stones and metal parts, a way to tell us that here we recycle and we take care of the planet. We always recognize the degree of a civilization at the way it does not pollute its environment Continue reading


Tiffany’s Blue Book collection, called Colors of Nature, offers collectors rare stones sourced from every corner of the globe.

Fir tree-colored emeralds, a 95-carat melo melo pearl hailing from a poodle-sized snail in the South China Sea and red diamonds so rare that a stone barely surpassing the one-carat mark is priced well within the seven-figure range: these are elements of Tiffany & Co.’s new Blue Book collection, its annual release of exceptional high jewel. Continue reading


Saint Laurent is finally back on the official Paris Fashion Week schedule . The Eiffel Tower is a finger pointing to the sky, a universal beacon to make the group of the Prince of Venice sparkle, it was Tuesday night at the Trocadero. The tower indifferent to the cycles that give rhythm to elegance, this may explain it, standing like a spear it crosses the centuries, a sign certainly for St Laurent.

Frosty glamour is perhaps the best way to describe Vaccarello’s severe, polished brand of chic, this season hinged on mannish, square-shouldered jackets, skimpy disco catsuits and evening gowns and dresses with the shrugged-on ease of a polo shirt.

Big sunglasses, leather gloves and major gold jewelry heightened the 1980s allure and winked to Paloma Picasso, whose theatrical sense of dress a turban and big gemstones here, an austere bustier gown there was said to have inspired house founder Yves Saint Laurent and nudged his creativity out of bourgeois codes. Continue reading