He was fired from Dior in a row and returned to Fendi as quickly as the “Parker” probe. As such, the return of the prodigal son, to the group of the lord of lords, was predictable. And even if Baudelaire, to create, drank “l’asbtreinte”, the man from Toledo, like a good sectarian, was very wrong about him, and rather than disgracing him, he should have had him treated with his addictions, for a redemption, that everyone would have understood.

“John”’s last collection for “Margiela” was like a call: the new look revisited to show the lord that not only was he cured, but that he was still just as creative. He is the man of couture excesses and excesses of all kinds, but like Verlaine or Apollinaire, to fight against absence, you sometimes have to surround yourself with lost paradises. Continue reading


The British luxury group Burberry announced this Monday the replacement of its managing director Jonathan Akeroyd, after the publication of new “disappointing performances” from a group which has suffered for months from the slowdown in demand for high-end products.

Jonathan Akeroyd, a 57-year-old Briton who arrived just over two years earlier, “resigns and leaves the company with immediate effect by mutual agreement with the Board of Directors,” Burberry announced in a press release.

He will be replaced on Wednesday by Joshua Schulman, a 52-year-old American, former boss of the American brands Michael Kors and Coach or the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman, but also of Jimmy Choo in London, also passed during his career by Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci.


Our opinions on perfume are our own, obviously, but given the perfumes that come out every day, this is the perfume that everyone has been waiting for women with excessively strong crotch sweating, a real find, so that your underwear fits you like a glove.

Puzzy, for a good slogan: “I used to be acidic, now I’m pubic.” Intimate Perfume from the Anitta brand, designed to help women feel more confident and attractive, marketers tell us. It’s formulated with natural ingredients, and it’s safe for some to never set foot in. A seductive harmony between chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, in short a cocktail from “Bachir” without the cold of the ice cream and the pistachios, but as a bonus, you can have the balls.

Anitta, real name Larissa de Macedo Machado, Brazilian singer, dancer, model, actress, businesswoman and presenter, in short, everything and nothing at the same time. She rose to fame in Brazil and Portugal, as well as other Portuguese-speaking regions. With the release of her single “Show das Poderosas” translation (The Power Show), of unparalleled power, but truly a spectacle, like her perfume, of the most distressing, she extends the long list of these brainless Bimbos who certainly degrade the status of women.



The Princess of Wales, patron of the All England Tennis and Croquet Club, stepped out for the men’s finals of the 2024 Wimbledon Championships wearing a purple dress from British brand Safiyaa.


In a federal court in California on Tuesday, Nirvana’s fellow band members, artist Robert Fisher and LVMH-owned Marc Jacobs International agreed to resolve their legal dispute and finalize a deal within the next three weeks. But the law firm that represented Marc Jacobs declined to comment.

In December 2018, Nirvana sued Marc Jacobs, claiming the band owned the smiley face logo through copyright. Nirvana used a smiley face with an “X” for each eye and a wry smile. During the legal proceedings, Nirvana’s lawyers claimed that the group’s founder, Kurt Cobain, created the logo around 1991. (The frontman died three years later.)

Marc Jacobs, Wintour’s favorite, also becomes a serial copier after Pharrell Williams, which is a lot for the best fashion advisor in the fashion world. By taking anyone, the lord’s group has nothing to do with it…


The iconic Fendi bag has become a thriving Fendi style line; a Peekaboo for men why not! Legendary top-handle bag in a special capsule collection that encapsulates the house’s refined craftsmanship and bold attitude.

An assortment of Peekaboo ISeeU Medium, Peekaboo ISeeU Small and Mini Peekaboo are made in four vibrant colorways (mimosa yellow, tulip red, cyan blue and truffle gray) with handmade macro saddle stitches, a larger stitch inspired by the original techniques master Roman saddlers.

True to the mix-and-match philosophy, the capsule also includes matching Nano Peekaboo and Strap straps with a pocket, both in natural canvas and embroidered with an FF logo in homage to Fendi’s know-how. Better than a Kelly or a Capucine and above all affordable for super quality.


A copy of “Jacques Nunuche” coupled with Guo Peï, for a confrontation between the strength of desire and technical fragility, backed by physical horror, but it is true that the horror is human. We imagine the splashing of a sewer serving as an overflow, which is scattered in a shower of droplets and which clings like a tic-tac-toe to Minerva’s pubis.

Entering the dark room of “La Compagnie 1837”, a 450 m² event space located in the heart of Paris, on the first floor of the Saint-Lazare station, sealed with dark curtains, one does not wonder where the grandson of the writer wants to take us; it’s in the depths of his sewing dreams for an undeserved “Headache”. So here is the brass, fuchsia, pale indigo of Soulage, but also sphincter snorts that crackle in the horribly black shadow. Perpetual effort of Icarus whose wings always go haywire, and who falls back… sitting.

The witch with the apple is out, and in the world of sewing, you have a lot of witches… Here are the names… (no, I’m just kidding, let’s be discreet). Virginal white, cheerful fuschia or even blacker than the asshole of the world, between the three his heart swings, but the war “of the Three” will not take place with this cursed little painter.

He plays “Edward Scissorhands” for us, without Tim’s talent, to spoil the seams for us. It is true that the place really lent itself to a station novel.

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Last Friday’s parade of new cabinet ministers into No. 10 Downing Street was more like a red carpet premiere. Usually the rookie ministers stride into No. 10 looking sober, dressed in dark suits, sensible shoes and freshly coiffed.
Not this time. Instead, ministers expressed themselves through a rainbow of color ranging from turquoise to bright red to fuchsia, and ditched traditional suits for dresses or other top and trouser combinations.

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Lena Erziak invites us on a journey through the depths of melancholy and the beauty that emerges from it. Each piece is an ode to the complexity of human emotions, capturing the duality between darkness and light, nostalgia and beauty.

In a world where emotions are often masked by noise and light, the collection plunges us into the heart of the human soul. Entirely crafted in black, each creation embodies the depth of melancholy, a complex and introspective emotion that reveals a rare and sublime beauty.

“Melancholia” transcends the ephemeral trends of fashion to ofer a timeless experience, where each piece is designed as a work of art. The dark fabrics, architectural cuts, and delicate details tell a story of nostalgia and contemplation, capturing the essence of beauty with unparalleled elegance.

The collection is composed of silk gazar, silk organza, duchess satin, Calais lace, brocade, and silk crepe. Notable is the exceptional work of feather artisans who adorned the looks with rooster, goose, and ostrich feathers. All the embroideries are handmade. Continue reading


In an effort to challenge gender norms, 61-year-old Mark has worn skirts and heels for four years. With his work outfits, this robotics engineer manager from Germany gained more than 73k followers on social media.

Mark wants to demonstrate that cisgender, straight men can be “masculine” while wearing clothes and shoes that are traditionally considered feminine. He wrote on his Instagram page: “I am just a straight, happily married guy that loves Porsches, beautiful women, and incorporating high heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe.”

According to the father of three, his outfits are not indicative of his sexuality, but rather a way to be comfortable and fashion-forward while challenging gender stereotypes.

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Richemont revealed the two key appointments on Tuesday within hours of each other, Louis Ferla CEO of Cartier and Catherine Rénier CEO of Van Cleef and Arpels.

Ferla, currently head of Vacheron Constantin, will succeed Cyrille Vigneron as CEO of Cartier. Rénier, currently CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, will succeed Nicolas Bos, now CEO of Richemont, at the head of Van Cleef and Arpels.

The appointments come in a year of leadership change for Richemont, whose chairman and founder Johann Rupert is planning succession as a generation of senior executives reaches retirement age.

At Richemont, employees tend to retire between the ages of 63 and 65, although Rupert often likes to keep some as advisors or in one-off positions. Ferla, who will be 49 this year, is part of the new generation of top managers. Continue reading


Wun was born and raised in Hong Kong.He started to take an interest in fashion at the age of 11 after he “met a cool girl a few years older than me at my family’s church who started a course in fashion design”. Wun moved to London where he studied at London College of Fashion. He graduated in 2012. I call him the Jackson Pollock of fashion.


Olivier Rousteing certainly cannot identify with the main character of “The Lion King” but with the fashion Mickey absolutely. When he was a nine-year-old boy growing up with his adoptive parents in Bordeaux, France, he created his own kingdom, with the question of where are my parents?

To mark the 30th anniversary of “The Lion King”. One of the highest-grossing animated films of all time, chooses Balmain.

But making T-shirts and accessories is not fashion and this limited edition Disney x Balmain collection will be launched on July 8 on and in the main Balmain boutiques, as well as Saks Beverly Hills and , or how Mr. Pierre Balmain’s image can be destroyed by transforming him into an American-style clown.

The Lion King”; talks about Africa, so it was like a reference to my own origins, Bordeaux Africa” ​​That must be cool for his adoptive parents!!! The story of the lion king of Bordeaux, and tomorrow Olivier “Rintintin”. Not king, completely kong.


Eccentric fabric headwear like overturned basins which already adorned models from the 1950s, it’s a surreal mix between oversized sets with baggy pants for Californian prisoners and jackets tied at the waist. Elegantly gloved hands holding numbers like in Cristóbal’s time; it’s a little warmed up. But, as always, this ace illusionist manages to make the son of the Prince of Venice believe that this is sewing! Ultimately, its fashion is like its turnover, a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the other.

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To the music of “Paris by Night”, the man with the longest hair of Fashion Week, and also the most Middle Eastern of the French, created jewel dresses this season, a sort of mix between Tiffany which would be mated with a satin duchess having swallowed ostrich feathers. The Lebanese woman, next to me, smelled stronger than a Sephora store and was still re-perfuming, during this time and on stage, a dress by Sister Marie-Thérèse “a nun” which would have gone straight from the ‘Ronceveau and “Rolland” church. “the educated will understand.”

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This season, the theme that Maria Grazia Chiuri has chosen is to highlight the relationship between the body, clothing and performance on a scaffolding of claims, as usual, ancient Greece or ancient grace? There is the question.

Already in 2022, she showed Dior at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens with dresses traditionally worn by the women of ancient Greece, against a backdrop of futuristic sneakers or “sneakers”; modernity requires for the business of the lord of Arnault.

The designer gradually stripped her high-end collections of embroidery and ornaments, at the risk of disappointing journalists, who, in any case, disappeared from the guest lists, and who came for Couture week in Paris to admiring frothy princess dresses with extravagant trains à la Elie Saab.

This season, she used swimsuits as the basis for her loosely draped goddess dresses, adding mosaic embroidery for a touch of evening glamour, and a nod to mosaic designer Faith Ringgold, who died last April. With her hair slicked back, for models, Chiuri is usually close to the heritage of founder Christian Dior. On the other hand, this time, there were hardly any nods to the archives of the master of Granville, but the collection was more reminiscent of the dresses of Madame Alix Grès.

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Dries Van Noten retired from the runway Saturday night in Paris. He had vowed that his swan song wouldn't be a retrospective, and indeed he showed a newsy men’s collection for spring 2025, roughly 38 years after starting out After standing and cheering for as long as Van Noten lingered on the catwalk, which is not very long, guests poured into the backstage melee to discover an ebullient scene. Continue reading


Ten looks 20 times for a total of 200 models, a sort of grand mass at the Palais de Tokyo for a frenetic, bubbling, almost enraged Fury Road like a saga, giving an almost stroboscopic effect of white on white. Pharaoh Akhenaten was back or the fall of an inhuman society, characterized by the loss of its cultural identity and its socio-economic complexity, decline of a civilization between war, epidemics and depopulation. A society collapsed in on itself which once again becomes more primitive in its clothing.

Akhenaten and the cult of Aten, no other, in more than three millennia of ancient Egypt, will have left such a controversial trace as this Egyptian symbol. At the height of the power of the pyramids, the pharaoh, considered a heretic, triggered a true cultural and religious revolution which still fascinates today with its audacity and its mysteries. Owens projects himself into this vision so realistic, but so dark, that he will use white to make us understand the power of his reflection.

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Dior and the symbolism of the cat! In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Bastet, daughter of the sun god Ra, is represented as a cat or a woman with the head of a cat; benevolent figure, protector of humanity and symbol of femininity. She is also known for her terrible anger. Could there be a hidden message for the Lord? The cat as a symbol for the Pharaoh of luxury! This is indeed a four-legged submission that will please the Lord. People are going to call me xenophobic, but I’m going to tell you a secret, it’s foreign to me.

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The collection is inspired by the wind, the legendary Plissé Issey Miyake. Like the structure of a kite, some clothing also resembles the construction of a parachute.

Collection that was full of graceful and very wearable clothing, thus inspiring the name of the collection, “Up, Up and Away”.

Some looks featured plaid and then a distorted print, in orange, white and black, or yellow, navy and white. A yellow hooded jacket, slightly rounded, flared at the back like a cape.

This style of coat, without a hood, also appeared in a shorter version. Shorts or long pants in solid, fresh colors, like the Purple Rose of Cairo.