If you can create a collection in ten days which usually takes six months, either you are a Picasso or you are a liar, it’s up to you to judge.



In his spring collection, Jones blended corset elements from the last Fendi couture collection, which he said sold very well, with things his favorite fashion plates might wear: neat coats with a gentle flare, masculine tailoring, pencil skirts, twin sets and body-skimming tube dresses.

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Sabato De Sarno’s High-Stakes Gucci Debut and the designer’s first outing this Friday will be a major test for the Italian megabrand and owner Kering.

Born in Naples, De Sarno started his career with Prada in 2005. He later worked for Dolce & Gabbana and, from 2009, as director of men’s and women’s collections at Valentino.

His appointment with Gucci in 2023 is his first role leading a fashion house. He will debut his first collection in September, 2023 at Milan Women’s Fashion Week.


Last season was the long-awaited start, the big bang of colors, patterns, and new shapes, but spring is a blank slate.
Burberry is under pressure and Lee, known for his golden touch with accessories, has spent the last few months refining his approach and putting his vision forward. A collection of silver and gold accessories, motorcyclist swagger and touches of medieval heraldry with a strong commercial connotation graced the catwalk on Monday.

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Clothes expected for the upcoming Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week have gone missing after a truck transporting the collection was stolen, according to an Instagram post from Olivier Rousteing.

Was the delivery diverted or the truck stolen? Thank goodness the driver is safe,” the creator wrote in a message to his 9.8 million followers. So it would have been more of a truck jacking!

The show scheduled for September 27 near the Eiffel Tower would continue as planned, we are in the process of redoing everything but it’s so disrespectful, he continued, especially for others but he doesn’t know that when we have the patterns it’s easy to redo all in a few days.

A big intellectual scam, for a fictitious theft certainly, welcome to the wonderful world of fashion. Oh by the way, there are always GPS trackers when transporting a collection. The truck from China got lost on the Silk Road!.


Known to have collaborated with Nazi Germany, documents unveiled by the exhibition “Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion manifesto” exhibition in London suggests that she may have been on both sides.

That’s the theory now put forward by the new exhibition focusing on the French couturier at London’s Victoria and Albert museum. According to documents, Coco Chanel, known for collaborating with Nazi Germany during the Second World War, was also “an occasional agent” in the Resistance.

Gabrielle Chanel, who lived at the Hotel Ritz, partly requisitioned by the Nazi regime to house the Luftwaffe and its chief, Marshal Göring. The fashion designer then had a relationship with a German embassy attaché, Hans Günther von Dincklage, who was undoubtedly a spy.

The Wertheimer brothers rewrote history to support the idea that Chanel might be British, and to make the world forget the French company’s move to the United Kingdom. Gabrielle Chanel “occasional agent” in the Resistance according to British documents! A big joke.