As LVMH’s vacancy levels reach record levels, the company highlights its recruitment drive. At LVMH, an event highlighted the company’s recruitment efforts during the past 12 months, vacancies are peaking amid a shortage of skilled workers.

This year, we have a record number of vacancies. In addition to leather goods workers, jewelers, watchmakers, and sales associates, we also need hotel and restaurant workers. There will be 30,000 in 2024.

Since its founding in 2014, the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence has trained some 1,400 people in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan. For the first time, jeweler Tiffany is expanding the program to the U.S. with 450 apprentices this fall. A crisis in a group can also be of growth. But why young people don’t want to work for this group?


The beauty brand which is owned by parent company Victoria’s Secret Co.  on Tuesday will release “Bare Eau de Parfum,” a partnership with international perfume school Symrise. (Bare mean naked )

Bare is unlike any other fragrance in how it takes the idea of a signature scent to a whole new level. A proprietary blend of adaptive musks, developed in conjunction with the [nonprofit, independent scientific research center] Monell Institute  amplifies the weares unique scent, like a manifestation of their authentic self.”

“Choosing a fragrance is an extremely personal experience, so we took our time developing a scent that could be both relatable and unique to everyone who wears it,” said Victoria.

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Riding out  way out  to the Agafay desert one hour outside Marrakech, a van full of English and American editors were gobsmacked by the sight of two camels, They had seen the wintour and didier Grumler kissing, a real nightmare vision. In the Kering group we save the planet, the journalist had walked in the desert several meters.

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It’s like being invited to brunch at the designer’s house when you attend a Julie de Libran couture show. Watch models wind their way through the basement floor’s living room, inner courtyard, and kitchen while eating finger sandwiches and biscuits stamped with her initials.

inspired by a Peter Lindbergh photograph of Amber Valletta with angel wings. Meanwhile, surplus items from her collaboration with Eres, including lace bodysuits, bra tops and leggings, were given a new lease on life with a bedazzling of chunky Swarovski crystals.

This season, de Libran partnered with French specialist Causse on items including scooped silver driving gloves trimmed with a chain, and bicolor evening gloves. She also teamed with beauty brand Sisley on a black leather lipstick holder worn around the neck. finally a collection made by others.

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In spite of all the talk about changing the fashion calendar and downsizing shows, Paris Couture Week was back in full swing with 30 on-calendar shows and dozens of other runways and presentations. Nothing felt “slow fashion” about the four-day frenzy.
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For its HAUTE COUTURE line the house Fendi moves away from its historical muse, Rome. Over the years, Fendi has declared its love for the city where it was established almost 100 years ago, as in the spring-summer 2022 couture season where Kim Jones took the historical codes and transposed them into a futuristic version.

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“Beauty is resilience, not escapism, and creativity is the only means to contrast dictatorial decisions,” Piccioli said.

As the sun set behind the Roman landmark, 102 models walked down the steps Piccioli’s light gowns fluttering in the evening breeze singer Labrinth performing live at the top of the monument, and people gathering all around from Piazza Mignanelli, home to Valentino’s headquarters, to Via Condotti and as far as the eye could see, cheering and clapping. It made for quite the spectacle even for the most jaded fashion insider.

“Nothing has changed but everything has changed,” said Piccioli. “People are what makes the difference, the Valentino palazzo is the same, the Spanish Steps are the same, but the brand has changed: It’s no longer about embracing a lifestyle but it’s rather about a community sharing the same values.”
40 Black models, as well as models of different ethnicity, age and body size, and men to walk the show like a message.


Maybe the most curious contradiction about fashion right now is its status as a pillar of Polish culture.

Several of these commentators have probably never been to a fashion show or acquired couture clothing. However, there is a great deal of interest in fashion in terms of analyzing, sourcing, and inquiring. In the current fashion world, the reach is democratic, but the taste is snobbish. Anyone, in other words, can be a Snoby but Snob means “Sine Nobile” in Latin which is without gentry.

The show on Monday was packed with references to the work of French Fashion designers and the gambit is that many fans can comb through the collection.
It’s similar to the way that television shows are created now, with bread crumbs sprinkled about to reward vigilant viewers. Everyone used to give Virgil Abloh a hard time for copying (which was misplaced criticism, I always thought), but now the point is not only to copy but to spot the reference, and celebrate it. That the way it is.
The most important is that the references are there. They just need to invent by themselves with their own culture the fashion of tomorrow, The picture above shows a good way.

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We never doubted that he was a talented poet, and when I speak of him, my word is deadened with satire and sneer. I have flown on planes, crossed borders and touched bodies that lacked the taste of ink, for a picture of the world that seemed both familiar and exotic, populated by white shadows and memories that rhyme with my father’s silence, but never was the journey so transporting.
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One nugget of advice Olivier Rousteing received from Jean Paul Gaultier for his one-off couture collection: Just be yourself, that is, to be bad?. A profound statement (if you know what I mean) from a French fashion legend synonymous with unfettered self-expression and presaging a process of discovery for Rousteing, who has spent most of his fashion career at Balmain, which he overhauled and reenergized in his own image.

In the ateliers at peak concentration, Rousteing realized his intricate designs in an exclusive preview at Jean Paul Gaultier headquarters on Friday, nobody understood anything in the workshops!. At Balmain, I have a different sense of femininity. Despite expressing sadness at the conclusion of the project, Rousteing was grateful for the opportunity, praising the atelier’s capabilities.

In honor of Gaultier’s countless contributions to fashion, he took on the task with great respect. One of the few designers who could be both a creative director as well as iconic and well known around the world, he was a real inspiration to me as a designer. Rousteing marveled at Gaultier’s fame as much as his clothes, putting him on the same level as Yves Saint Laurent.

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In conjunction with a retrospective devoted to the house’s founder Elsa Schiaparelli, Daniel Roseberry presented his collection at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, dressed by everyone from Beyoncé to First Lady Jill Biden. Several of the outfits shown on the runway are featured in the exhibit, titled “Shocking!” The Surreal World of Elsa Schiaparelli.”

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