The collection is inspired by the wind, the legendary Plissé Issey Miyake. Like the structure of a kite, some clothing also resembles the construction of a parachute.

Collection that was full of graceful and very wearable clothing, thus inspiring the name of the collection, “Up, Up and Away”.

Some looks featured plaid and then a distorted print, in orange, white and black, or yellow, navy and white. A yellow hooded jacket, slightly rounded, flared at the back like a cape.

This style of coat, without a hood, also appeared in a shorter version. Shorts or long pants in solid, fresh colors, like the Purple Rose of Cairo.


The collections of the KIDILL brand, founded in 2014 by Hiroaki Sueyasu, mix Harajuku street style with the punk irreverence of the 90s. It is inspired by post-war zazou, thinking of bringing luxury to the crazy old Vivienne Westwood and the genius Alexander McQueen, but influenced by punk icons John Lydon (Sex Pistols) he keeps the pistols and leaves sex behind, like all the young people these days. Transgressive, sophisticated silhouettes for the Flop journalist, but nothing couture, not even in the cuts.

A mixture of Pierre Baltringue by Olivier Rousteing, like an abortion so difficult, Here is the fashion that the nouveau riche never buy, and so that you can, not shine in the mysteries of couture. Vestige of a revolution already passed for a dichotomy which causes a stupefication of the past without history, mixing a present without a future. Continue reading


The artist kicked off Paris Men’s Fashion Week on Tuesday at UNESCO, and focused on the next Olympic Games following the Lord’s order. Pharrell Williams teaches us about his origins: Welcome “to Africa”, if you were blind, under the frightened eyes of Anna Wintour, who on Park Avenue had never seen a black man so ready.

Rather than a true hymn to sporting performance, the programming was a celebration of humanity for the LVMH group that seems above ground. Williams played with archetypes like the Diplomat, complete with ’70s richness, then beaded pajamas to lull us to sleep.

The “Happy” singer’s bright-toned silhouettes, including a selection of flocked, monogrammed and sparkling tracksuits, are sure to please French footballers Mbappé.

Finally, the only interesting thing about this collection was the music which sanctified the parade on a background more “God kalispel than “Gospel”. Hallelujah, but God is Humor!

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For Sabato De Sarno, creative director of Gucci, this translates into his great passion as well as his love of revisiting tailoring. Like what int now understands who doesn’t know what that is.

A pure hymn to summer days, there is no shortage of homages to the archives, from models inspired by iconic luggage to the evolution of the Horsebit shoe. Meetings, between the city and the beach, between people who love life, and those who don’t like this style.

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Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons redefine new boundaries; the feminine prevailing over the masculine. These two designers who intellectualize fashion want us to believe that they have found an answer in these turbulent times: simplicity, joy and the human touch, but, when it comes to couture, it is already less brilliant. Continue reading


For Max Mara, it is Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant who traveled from Europe to Asia in the 13th century. This year marks the 700th anniversary of his death, and several exhibitions are being organized around the world, including one at the Palazzo Ducale, the Doge’s Palace, where Max Mara unveiled his collection on Tuesday evening a superb Gothic venue overlooking the lagoon. Continue reading


The story was not over at Hermès, which is offering a new chapter to its fall-winter 2024-2025 collection, the first silhouettes of which showed at Paris Fashion Week last March. However, this time, a new wind has blown across the East Side; type of unblocking of the sitting for the clients of the little banker, inspired by the artistic director Nadège Vanhée.

In fashion, courage is so rare that they had to call in a historian. Thus, like a momentum, that of Antwerp propels the Hermès women in Milady with studded leather and in Harley-Davidson, who “ride” in the “Lower East Side” more precisely, passing from Park Avenue via the Eastern Parkway.

Hermès fall-winter is truly at a crossroads, what if the women of Hermès in Paris played tough? Those of New York appear more open than ever to the unknown, but the New York bourgeoisie is more unbridled, it is well known.

Palette of rich colors, from harsh blue, saffron yellow or roaring red, at the crossroads of new influences before our eyes, with dipped lamb materials for a marriage of skin and canvas offering a certain size to the jackets and jumpsuits, and thus distilling the idea of ​​confident femininity, finally! Because, after Jacquemus, I thought that the woman had disappeared. Continue reading


At Villa Malaparte, it is the story of a fashion designer who presents a collection that he did not create. If you go to Capri, usually, Capri is over, but here it continues. Villa Malaparte is an architectural work built between 1938 and 1943, on the side of a cliff on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, east of Capri in Italy. I site for bimbos.

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The Four Seasons is collaborating with Jacquemus on an exclusive product and summer experience at the Ocean Club resort in Bahamas, starting Friday.

The collaboration includes a customer experience, a 760 square foot pop-up store representing Jacquemus.

Jacquemus handbags and glasses at the Ocean Club Bahamas boutique. But also Jacquemus Towels at the Ocean Club Bahamas the only thing he knows how to sew a square made in China.

Jacquemus handbags and eyewear will also be at the Ocean Club Bahamas boutique. The Jacquemus Brand is the only brand that opens more stores than creations in the store. But as the designer says, I create concepts, we had understood this well for a long time.


Demna’s first show in Shanghai was in pouring rain which only lasted for the duration of the show,like Ch’ih Sung-tzu tears.

When everyone, including celebrities such as Sophie Marceau, Liu Haoran, Chris Lee and Yang Chaoyue, realized that the rain would not stop soon, some continued to play dodge while others simply threw away their umbrellas and adopted their signature wet look. came straight from the track.

As the brand’s third show after New York and Los Angeles, the Spring 2025 mixed collection was presented on an elevated walkway at Shanghai’s Pudong Art Museum, an architectural marvel designed by Jean Nouvel and the latest addition . on the futuristic skyline of Shanghai.

Ultra-oversized fits; the oversized sneakers ridiculous; subversive streetwear; elegant ball gowns with unorthodox details, like the trompe-d’oeil feather made from recycled plastic; a gold foil bubble dress and a ball gown trimmed with earrings, necklaces and locks, which were seen on Ming Xi, the Chinese model-turned-socialite.


Louis Vuitton has named a new president and chief executive officer of Americas, Megan Grant, who most recently helmed L’Oréal USA’s luxe division. She will be taking the top slot, effective June 3. She will report to David Ponzo, executive vice president of commercial activities.

Grant’s previous role included leadership of brands such as Lancôme, Kiehl’s, Ralph Lauren Fragrances and Giorgio Armani’s beauty business, among others.


Twenty years ago, Daniel Brühl met Karl Lagerfeld on a photo shoot. With “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld,” a six-part TV series premiering on Hulu on June 7, Brühl hopes to dig a little deeper into the designer’s life. “We wanted to find out who was the person before he became the persona and before he became famous,” he explains.

The film takes place in the 1970s, at the height of Lagerfeld’s rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent. It portrays a very different picture of Lagerfeld, who intentionally muddled many details of his early life, including his birth date, in order to further his career.

Lagerfeld, who at the start of the decade was a designer for hire working with houses including Chloé, is portrayed as envious of Saint Laurent’s reputation as the king of haute couture; stifled by his domineering mother, and struggling to achieve emotional and physical intimacy with Jacques de Bascher, the love of his life. Continue reading


Nicolas Ghesquière continues his architectural research, and thus introduces us to the crazy heritage of Antoni Gaudí; genius who appropriated an Art Nouveau, which we call here in Spain, “Modernism”. The edges and columns are like organisms, which one might believe, almost alive, and the colors reveal and spread in handfuls the swarm of their perfumes. Continue reading


In 2021, LVMH announced a partnership with Google to accelerate innovation and develop new artificial intelligence solutions, it is “generative” AI or “GenIA” which is essential.

Capable of formulating coherent and often accurate sentences, from simple questions or requests formulated by a user, the technology has seen a boost with the free access to ChatGPT from the American pioneer of AI, OpenAI, in which Microsoft invested 13 billion dollars.

At LVMH, some 4,000 to 5,000 people use “MaIA”, an internal AI based on ChatGPT, every day, for example to synthesize documents or translations. This is probably why the group’s lyrics are abstruse. Continue reading


After 20 years together, Dior and Charlize Theron are taking their relationship to the next level, with Newly come the Man from Toledo, more mad than max.

The French fashion house Dior, When the Kering group taking on influencer Lupa, Dior is asking a 50-year-old woman to do its advertising.

This is the latest reshuffle in Dior’s ambassador ranks, following the recent appointment of Spanish singer Rosalía as global ambassador and face of its new Lady Dior handbag campaign.

Theron will be the first Dior fine jewelry ambassador and is expected to present the most exclusive pieces designed by Victoire de Castellane, artistic director of Dior Joaillerie for 25 years.



Pitching investors on a buyout that would take the company private, and looking at acquiring Net-a-porter. This buyout would let the Munich-based Mytheresa rev up its operations away from the glare of Wall Street.
And acquiring Net-a-porter, a possibility first reported by The Financial Times, would bolster the company’s operations significantly as it currently ships out of Germany, while Net-a-porter has a complementary distribution system in the U.S. and Asia.

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Greek god of the seas, son of Cronos and Rhea. Its name was already known in the Mycenaean era, where its attributions also extended to earthquakes, horses, bulls and winds. Husband of Amphitrite, he fathered various evil creatures, all an agenda for Little Pharrell.

The multi-hyphenate designer, who is also men’s creative director at Louis Vuitton, unveiled a jewelry collection inspired by Poseidon’s mythological trident, but he’s going to drown in spit again. Continue reading