As LVMH’s vacancy levels reach record levels, the company highlights its recruitment drive. At LVMH, an event highlighted the company’s recruitment efforts during the past 12 months, vacancies are peaking amid a shortage of skilled workers.

This year, we have a record number of vacancies. In addition to leather goods workers, jewelers, watchmakers, and sales associates, we also need hotel and restaurant workers. There will be 30,000 in 2024.

Since its founding in 2014, the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence has trained some 1,400 people in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan. For the first time, jeweler Tiffany is expanding the program to the U.S. with 450 apprentices this fall. A crisis in a group can also be of growth. But why young people don’t want to work for this group?


For its HAUTE COUTURE line the house Fendi moves away from its historical muse, Rome. Over the years, Fendi has declared its love for the city where it was established almost 100 years ago, as in the spring-summer 2022 couture season where Kim Jones took the historical codes and transposed them into a futuristic version.

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“Beauty is resilience, not escapism, and creativity is the only means to contrast dictatorial decisions,” Piccioli said.

As the sun set behind the Roman landmark, 102 models walked down the steps Piccioli’s light gowns fluttering in the evening breeze singer Labrinth performing live at the top of the monument, and people gathering all around from Piazza Mignanelli, home to Valentino’s headquarters, to Via Condotti and as far as the eye could see, cheering and clapping. It made for quite the spectacle even for the most jaded fashion insider.

“Nothing has changed but everything has changed,” said Piccioli. “People are what makes the difference, the Valentino palazzo is the same, the Spanish Steps are the same, but the brand has changed: It’s no longer about embracing a lifestyle but it’s rather about a community sharing the same values.”
40 Black models, as well as models of different ethnicity, age and body size, and men to walk the show like a message.


Maybe the most curious contradiction about fashion right now is its status as a pillar of Polish culture.

Several of these commentators have probably never been to a fashion show or acquired couture clothing. However, there is a great deal of interest in fashion in terms of analyzing, sourcing, and inquiring. In the current fashion world, the reach is democratic, but the taste is snobbish. Anyone, in other words, can be a Snoby but Snob means “Sine Nobile” in Latin which is without gentry.

The show on Monday was packed with references to the work of French Fashion designers and the gambit is that many fans can comb through the collection.
It’s similar to the way that television shows are created now, with bread crumbs sprinkled about to reward vigilant viewers. Everyone used to give Virgil Abloh a hard time for copying (which was misplaced criticism, I always thought), but now the point is not only to copy but to spot the reference, and celebrate it. That the way it is.
The most important is that the references are there. They just need to invent by themselves with their own culture the fashion of tomorrow, The picture above shows a good way.

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It was a show of his greatest hits. The Théâtre de la Madeleine was the place to see Walter Van Beirendonck’s fine tailoring, madcap prints, and sportswear elements for spring 2023.

A host of black ghost-like forms first appeared on the dark stage. As one by one, these dress fell off, revealing Beirendonck’s models.

It had wing-like sleeves and a gold color. Over a cotton shirt with ruffled sleeves and black suit pants, a black suit jacket was transformed into a vest. The necks were embellished with chunky sun charms, in reality a “fraise” that my neighbor calls neck jewel, which was at the beginning of the 16th century adopted in most of Europe it is the ancestor of all the collars, ruffles, ties, and collars that abound during the following centuries.

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Before Paris, fashion week the most sleeping fashion week in EU, It was terrific to be back in Milan.

We saw the real strength of collections that epitomize the craftsmanship, creativity and supreme quality of the 'made in Italy moniker. There was an assertion of brands here doing what they do best, representing tradition with great development and forward thinking.

Designers opted for a more modern, nonchalant take on suits, often offered as separates. Soft fabrics and comfort were key, as was lightness and a sense of freedom and ease. There’s an underlying message about having fun getting dressed again.

Denim is back, washed and faded and in a new relaxed version no sign of stretch or body-hugging styles anywhere. Refreshing color palettes and plenty of Bermuda shorts contributed to the summery feel of the looks. Trends included fuller proportions, light knitwear and innovative luxurious fabrics.


Regé-Jean page Duke of Hastings has given to Armani the new Code of the men’s fragrance franchise launched 18 years ago, a new look and a new fragrance.Manu Cossu and Damon Baker are directing and shooting the campaign. It debuts in September.

The actor Regé-jean page after Audi, will star in a spot for Armani Code in December 2020, in which everything goes backwards. There are people walking the wrong way around, clock hands circling counterclockwise, and basketball players propelling themselves in reverse.

Despite this, Page continues to walk and run through the streets until he comes across a woman. As they gaze at each other, they catch a glimpse of the Armani Code Parfum bottle, and the world seems to turn around.

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It is like a sun that suddenly breaks through the clouds to reveal a landscape or when a city flooded with light is transformed in one second, and so everything changes so that nothing changes.

Haute Couture transfigures not the real, but the perception we have of it. And it is in the city of lace and fashion of Calais that we are offered the first retrospective exhibition devoted to the house Lecoanet Hemant. By revealing more than 80 models of creation, combining the art of French couture to the spirit of the East, we can thus dive back into the poetry ride, and the secret garden of the two artists …

Like a magic note played on the silver string of a heart in summer, the caress of the eyes, all on Calais, a message that delivers the ineffable and exhilarating secrets of the past.

They are a duo of elusive globetrotters who bring back the many messages of the world around us, sometimes it is also poetry with them as with Franck Sorbier, and they show us a path that I particularly like. They often take us into an imaginary dream that is the reality of Rajasthan where princes and precious stones were one. Where the most precious culture of luxury was born, and which today exists nowhere else.

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As the Florentine brand transitions to a see now, buy now presentation model and frequent product drops, she is expected to take the management helm in July.

LVMH  Pucci’s parent company, said Debrouwere had been tasked with accelerating the brand’s development by combining Pucci’s lifestyle and resort roots with the creative modernity of Camille Miceli.

In a fashion-week-free weekend of lunches, yoga classes, and partying, Miceli unveiled her first designs for Pucci last April on Capri, the jet-set island where Emilio Pucci opened his first boutique in 1951.

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On Monday, Simon Porte Jacquemus teased his upcoming collaboration with Nike on Instagram after hanging out with his pal Dua Lipa over the weekend.

A world where outdoor pursuits and court sports converge in a new, integrated aesthetic was imagined by Porte Jacquemus for this collaboration, which spans apparel and footwear as well as “a variety of iconic Nike designs.”

The items will drop on his brand’s e-commerce on June 28 and will be rolled out globally across Nike’s retail network throughout the summer. The Nike x Jacquemus collection is described as “comfortable anywhere and anytime.”

Jacquemus has just opened his eyes on the real world. Time after time he goes back to the real life, between the machines to deliver products and the store with no products inside, he realizes now that women do sports, it is true that on women he does not really know.


Thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo and Amazon, Chinese authorities raided a warehouse and seized counterfeit belts. Inc. announced Tuesday that its Counterfeit Crimes Unit, or CCU, worked with Ferragamo to report a counterfeiter of Ferragamo’s signature Gancini belt to the Market Supervision and Administration, or MSA, authorities located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. The raid led to the seizure of hundreds of counterfeit belts and buckle accessories from the criminal’s warehouse.

This is part of Amazon and Ferragamo’s worldwide investigation efforts. Last year, the companies filed two lawsuits in the U.S. Against four individuals and three entities in the Western District of Washington for counterfeiting Ferragamo’s products, alleging that the defendants conspired to use the company’s trademarks without permission.


Founded in Paris in 2000, purchased by new owners in 2014, and reacquired in 2020; Faith Connexion is a global fashion brand with French flair: a collective of designers and artists focused on a new translation of fashion for affluent millennials, offering a 360° closet that embodies chic rock, edgy glamour and street couture in a modern mix & match mentality

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