ONAURATOUTVUCANALON AURA TOUT VU loves to distort Haute Couture, fashion and glam. This season, in a spray of sequins and preciosity and magical crystals, the spirit of the designers “On Aura Tout Vu” “re-dress” our daily life, showing us new facets, giving it sparkle, and offering it back to us a shiny precious and rafinated collection.

All lines travel around the same spirit of distortion and fantasia, a desire to play with fabrics, objects, light, colors, so that true and false are always mingling….

And what if the false were true? said the Queen as she delved into the looking glass, because in the wonderful land truth is the only hazard of beauty. Reminding us how the realm of beauty has games of its own like pleasure and seduction.

At the end the model wears on her breast ‘stop violence just dance’, which sent a subliminal message to the French Fashion Federation who fired them for any raison this year. Everybody knows that the Federation does not award talented fashion designers, but only their friends.