INSPIRATIONFashion designers will certainly agree that the main source behind design is Inspiration. Spiritus means ‘Blow of God’. While being a fashion designer the basic requirement is that you must come up with some exclusive designs that are original in its nature. Inspiration sometimes serves as a magical and mysterious occurrence that helps the designer to blend his inspiration with his creativeness and produces a unique combination from that.

A hard working fashion designer is without any doubt an incredible and prolific artist who is able to create designs out of everything that he can see.

Designers always roam around with a notebook where they jot down the different things that they experience while travelling from one place to another. Their notes serve as an inspiration for them. Visual inspiration is a major idea through which a designer can get excellent and endless opportunities and imaginations. It can be a film, a dance, a meal that you ate, and a beautiful tree that you came across or even during a family get together. The possibilities for visual inspirations are quite vast. It is also very well known that fashion designers of the modern era are continuously inspired by the designers of former generations which contribute to develop new styles, new materials and to extend Inspiration.