Louis Vuitton, Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 Collection in ParisIt is in the brand new Louis Vuitton fondation looking like a large futurist clould ship, designed by the architect Frank Gehry that the fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière presented his Spring-Summer 2015 collection which is a combination of the 70’s and fiction .

The light of the autumn sun reflected in the large sails of glass and steel that make up the building, located in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The eyes have to get used to the darkness that prevails in the room where the stars parade. Faces filmed in close-deliver messages of science fiction.

“The public is asked to sit in a place that does not exist yet, a vessel with a gigantic wooden (…) that serves as an incubator and stimulates creative minds,” set forth the faces . The parade starts with “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, as of 1966.

The 1970s fashion, often called the “Me Decade”, began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms, and the androgynous hippie look from the late Continue reading


Manish Arora, Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 Collection in ParisHe is known for his astute craftsmanship and unique play on colors, such as his trademark palette of PINK and GOLD.

His designs are inspired by Indian heritage but with a contemporary vibe. He has collaborated with eminent brands such as Walt Disney, Swarovski, Swatch, Reebok, Barbie, Monoprix, Nespresso, Nivea, MAC Cosmetics, Pommery, Amrapali amongst others. Manish Arora also holds a Licensing agreement with Inspecs Eyewear UK.

His rich and colorful designs have been worn by bevy of international stars from Rihanna and Lady Gaga to M.I.A and Katy Perry.

As for his final parade, all girls clad in white t-shirt dresses in a range of activewear shapes and materials, simply emblazoned with a colorful motif, a palate cleanser, if you will; these will no doubt be the best lure to draw crowds to his brand new Parisian flagship store.

Manish sells his creations worldwide across prestigious stores such as Galeries Lafayette.


Christine Phung, Ready to Wear Collection, Spring Summer 2015 in ParisChristine Phung fashion shows was an exceptional and magic moments. The Paris Fashion week is a land of imagination. Many will speak of it as legend, as fantasy or even more as mythology. That is perfectly true.

However, her first show is a real and exclusive instant to experience and to share at least once in your life.

And, as you cross the “Bridge of Belief”, you can already imagine yourself lifting out of logic and out of reality, moving beyond time and space and beyond time-space, your imagination crosses Christine imagination land.

Christine Phung materializes a mysterious elegance but above all feminine and modern. It was a nice show and at Canal-Luxe we loved it.

We have noticed the presence of  Stephane Warnier representing the newly appointed president Mr Tolenado.

Thank you Josianne for the organisation.

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hinkeStarting with vintage photography and illustrations of sporting fashion models from the 1950s, the Amsterdam-based artist Hinke Schreuders applies a rich layer of hand-stitched embroidery, beading, lace, and flourishes of ink to entirely new images that can be both unsettling and exuberant. The pieces seen here are part of an ongoing series called “Works on Paper”, started in 2008. Schreuders says she seeks to “subtly confuse notions of feminine vulnerability and reinforce the position of embroidery as an artistic medium.” Something I think we can all agree she has done masterfully.

Schreuders recently exhibited at Robert Mann gallery “The Embroiderederd Image” which brought together almost a dozen artists currently working at the interesection of photography and embroidery or textiles. She’ll have more work on view in Amsterdam next month at both “We Like Art and Amsterdam Drawing 2014”. Continue reading


The Iconic fashion house, Louis Vuitton, introduces its new Emprise jewelry and watch collection with this trippy short named after the line, which explores Parisian origins of the range by taking the viewer through a seemingly never-ending labyrinth of rooms.

You got to wonder how they did it. Louis Vuitton showed its new Emprise collection in an “infinite mirror” installation by contemporary artist Mathias Kiss. The brand unveiled its new video celebrating the collection, an homage to Kiss’ work courtesy of director Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano and the Surface to Air studio. It’s a fast-paced mise en abyme—a telescoped sequence Continue reading