luxuryparadoxThe modern luxury industry rests on a paradox-but is thriving nonetheless. At the Trang Tien Ptaza shopping mall in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, some days you have couples in wedding dress and costume who come and pose for photos in front of the fashion brand shop windows like Salvator Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton and/or Gucci offering the sort of backdrop for romance more usually provided by the sea or the mountains. The women are not wearing Ferragamo Vara pumps’ with their distinctive bows, or toting Vuitton subtly monogrammed handbags. Continue reading


courregesFrench fashion designer Andre Courreges, symbol of a style revolution in the 1960s, has died at the age of 92, his company announced on Friday. Courreges, who stopped working in the 1990s, passed away on Thursday after a 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, the Courreges company said in a statement.

Courrèges was influenced by modern architecture, technology, new fabrics, and modernism and futurism in art and design. Several designers lay similar claim, including Coco Chanel, who worked with and knew many modern artists, and Mary Quant, whose career parallels those of Courrèges in some ways (both Courrèges and Mary Quant lay claim to the invention of the miniskirt). Continue reading


SORBIER15Franck Sorbier, in his constant conceptual research on the future of Haute Couture and luxury, maintains his strategy in a post-apocalyptic area. He maintains himself the whole values of Haute Couture in this world, to keep the fundaments than others try to erase and to level down the profession in order to be able to raise themselves by a mechanical effect.

We are not at the limit of poetry but we are in pure poetry; a fashion concept looking like a Manet or a Van Gogh. More specifically a moment to forget this world so unfair.

Beautiful Memories are also the quintessence of fashion. And as Camus used to say, “the way you name things, can add to the misery of the world.” Is not it, Mr. Wargnier?


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INSPIRATIONFashion designers will certainly agree that the main source behind design is Inspiration. Spiritus means ‘Blow of God’. While being a fashion designer the basic requirement is that you must come up with some exclusive designs that are original in its nature. Inspiration sometimes serves as a magical and mysterious occurrence that helps the designer to blend his inspiration with his creativeness and produces a unique combination from that.

A hard working fashion designer is without any doubt an incredible and prolific artist who is able to create designs out of everything that he can see.

Designers always roam around with a notebook where they jot down the different things that they experience while travelling from one place to another. Continue reading


ERICTIBUSCHThe show started with a slow and majestic long music? Alice in Wonderland Theme ‘Tell me what you wear and I will tell you who you are’ could be the name of the 2015 Spring/Summer Eric Tibusch show. Influenced by China and the 1950’s, the collection is glamour and revealed a feminine and beautiful woman which will make you dream of her and for whom you would like to write and who will make you happy.

I love this blue and silver colour accented by a black necklace as a provocation. I love this deep neckline styke and simply open up the desecration that lets me see the beauty and the promise of a soft and warm night. I love simplicity in sophistication. I love beautiful. I love what is simple. Continue reading



Fausto Puglisi militates for the disappearance of the color! My life in white and black. Fausto’s creativity is between shade and light. He showed their variety and diversity in texture. For him, YSL is the re-interpretation of tuxedo.

Puglisi’s work is a study in bold contrasts and reflects both his Italian origins as well as his fascination with every facets of the American culture. Stefano Gabbana has been invited by Puglisi to take part in their retail project “Spiga 2” which featured a mix of young and unknown international designers.

Women are appearing covered in polka dots on a floor-length skirt.  Although this focus on black and white became what the French call ‘find a style’ was expertly done and gives a fashion face to a brand that had been blanked out.

Puglisi, like Emanuel Ungaro before him, is quintessentially Italian in his unabashed enthusiasm for body-conscious clothes. We love this collection, and we have probably a new St Laurent Designer on the way.



Iris Van Herpen explores the idea of terraforming 3D materials which is the heart of the Iris Van Herpen collection. Close-fitting little black dresses are worn by models perched on platform shoes in 3D. She has worked the pleating effects for the sculptural dresses and ribbed textures for the long tubular dresses. The designer also has also worked on fluid materials for a tunic gathered at the waist.

Iris Van Herpen sets herself apart from the rest of this Paris Fashion Week. She is a unique designer, working, above all, on the figures of women, as a true artist.

This season Van Herpen has developed a dress extremely light, in translucent Polyurethane. Three-dimensionality is imperative in van Herpen’s work, and she continues her research with the creation of a 3D.

The shoes for the collection were made in collaboration with a Japanese shoe designer. They are crafted from laser-cut leather and 3D printed .

Probably, one of the best shows during the Paris Fashion Week.


PARIS FASHION WEEK1Who is Anonymode? Nobody knows. “I love fashion and yet, I could not called this text “No-Fashion”. It is a professional manifesto, the finding that a radical change takes place in the mode that makes the current fashion system completely obsolete in France.

We can notice that “the fashion industry has dug his grave” and led to its destruction. It starts with the malfunctioning of fashion schools supposed to form industrial designers, they are not; economic pressures creators and pushing them to diversify with shoes, perfumes and handbags, focusing less on clothing; the profusion of journalists and Continue reading