GLOSSAfter successfully entering the world of beauty products with a collection of nail polishes, the brand American Apparel is widening its line with new and colorful lip-glosses.

The Los Angeles label is making available nine shades, perfect for every skin tone, and each with an evocative name. From “Legalize LA”, a shine red, to “Pantytime”, a rosy peach, they are all fresh and very luminous shades, ready to conquer all costumers, not only young girls.

Marsha Brady, American Apparel’s creative director, has stated that after a careful and detailed research, the formula chosen for the gloss is moisturizing and absolutely non-sticky, and the colors have been studied to go well with every skin tone.

The lip-glosses, soon for sale for $12 in American Apparel stores across the world, will also be available or not on their website.