Poetry and Haute Couture are the highlights of Franck Sorbier presentation, the unique and exclusive Paris Fashion show and those who attended belong to the Paris intelligentsia.

The fashion poet, who is on the edge of exceptional creation, reinvents the Haute couture atĀ  each collection, to the extent that large fashion companies such as Dior or Karl at Chanel’s copy the Fashion show processĀ and has dictated to the other fashion designers.

Tenacity and passion can overcome any financial obstacles – to note that today Franck Sorbier is the only designer to realize himself his collection of Haute Couture, without having to call for dressmakers.

The others draw their collection and then give what they have conceived to dressmakers named in France “petites mains”. I must say that it is very sad not to even participate in the manufacture of its creations and being able to feel the material in his hands.

For this collection Franck Sorbier imported fabrics from a factory located in Hiroshima which manufactures like during the Meiji area. That is why this specific collection is exceptional and that it is a museum piece crafted by Japanese craftsmen. That is why Sorbier will be in museum before anyone in fashion.