Friends of the walks in poetry, here is the secret garden of Franck Sorbier … It is the first magic note played on the silver rope of a heart in summer, the caress of the eyes of the whole Fashion Week, a message which delivers the ineffable and exhilarating secrets of the week. 

A river of dancers, giving emotion and in the scented edge of their radiant smile, touches the souls and speaks with the eyes.

Here are the dresses in town that turn into Haute Couture dresses with a simple gesture, and the master Franck Sorbier invents again and, as every time, an idea that will be taken by others, because fashion is it, then that others remain only the others.

Dresses in silk crepe, in Latin crispus, which means wavy. A first wedding dress to break the codes, here is the most awaited collection of Haute Couture Fashion Week, because it remains the symbol of the whole fashion. Note the lights, very precisely placed on a black silk that “relieves” us.