At Moschino the surrealism that is the DNA of the brand, is undeniably transformed into a new facet of the Italian label, with a spirit of rebellion for a Chanel-lisation of the brand the posh in the anarchic vision of the punk cool for bourgeoises walk in Milan.


Founded by Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, Shanghai-based Pronounce’s fall 2023 collection was inspired by Chinese oracle bone scripts and knots, two of humanity’s oldest ways of storing information.

The suits and coats of the Mao regime resembled bones dug up from the ground, while tops, trousers, and outerwear featured giant ancient Chinese characters.

Giant knots danced around the sweaters in red, white, and brown, and oversize decorative patterns were made by knotting.

They said the collection represents their reflection of the information overload of the digital age, and how looking back might be the best course of action.

Their instincts were correct. This collection offered a fresh take on Chinese culture that wasn’t cliché. For those seeking Chinese identity, the collection has it all, and for those looking for great clothes, the brand has a lot to offer.” Continue reading


UNITED COLOR OF ANDERSON; Looking at his archives, Anderson added the colors and images created by one of his heroes, pioneering dancer and choreographer Michael Clark. (In 2004, he staged the Alexander McQueen fashion show, which was more of an artistic performance than a fashion Show)

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Simone Rocha used Lughnasadh in Westminster’s cavernous Central Methodist Hall yesterday. Models walked around the first level of the hall before carefully descending the ornate central staircase to skirt the rows below.  An ensemble of musicians performed a brooding, sometimes sinister, and very Celtic-sounding composition on stage.

You could imagine the venue’s founding fathers feeling aflutter as the looks unfolded and the soundtrack’s tempo gathered melodic urgency. The red ribbons that fell from the hair, garments, and sometimes eyes of certain models were meant to represent blood traditionally daubed on children’s faces to ward off ill spirits and bad luck.

Their ostensible primness and tumbled suggestion of their fabrication created a richly contradictory tension.

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Louis Vuitton appoints Pharrell Williams as creative director for men, you now have to be a thug, athlete or rapper to be a fashion designer, so why make fashion schools? Pharrell Irish name which means brave,  half black and not designer, after the achitechs the singers now!

In a bold move that confirms its positioning as a “cultural” brand, Louis Vuitton has appointed American Pharrell Williams as creative director of its men’s division. Yes, the one with the ridiculous glasses he wore at Chanel.

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Wednesday From Tim Burton, Gothic at Rodarte, animal at Collina Strada: two universes opened Friday the Fashion Week of New York, little provided in big names of fashion but full of young designers and emerging signatures, its trademark now.

Rodarte, the brand of the Californian sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, one of the most upscale to make its return in the New York calendar.

The two sisters, who had already made a detour into haute couture in Paris, and whose pieces are already featured in American museums, offered a gothic and mystical show, around a large table with tablecloths, dishes and silver candlesticks, in a landmark building in Brooklyn, the “Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower”.

The Rodarte show also reveals sublime dresses evoking both the fashion of the 30s with pieces adorned with bangs but also the golden age of Hollywood through dresses in silk and glamorous lace. Continue reading


Halle Berry has joined Pendulum Therapeutics as chief communications officer, where she will advise on products and support the brand’s mission. She also became a brand equity owner and investor.

With its probiotic capsules, Pendulum Therapeutics offers gut health, sugar management, occasional gut discomfort, and metabolic health. Berry has been using the brand’s products for over a year, according to the brand, which received a $54 million Series C investment in 2021.

“Your gut and microbiome are so important to the rest of your overall health. It’s all connected. When I started using Pendulum, I immediately felt the difference in both my body and mind and I have been using it every day since,” Berry said in a statement. Continue reading


Stella McCartney went to Windsor Castle on Tuesday to see her friend and environmental activist, King Charles III, and to receive her latest award, OBE, for services to fashion and sustainability. The woman who received by Bernard Arnault  100 million euros,  ve ry expensive for a socialite!

Ms. McCartney was among more than 1,000 members of the British public to receive an official award from Queen Elizabeth.  Ms. McCartney wore a bespoke navy dress, handcrafted in her London atelier from Nativa’s regenerative and traceable wool. Nativa’s wool adheres to the highest levels of animal welfare, environmental protection and care for farmers and local communities, according to McCartney’s company.

There’s no need to look for the dress in her store, it doesn’t exist, as ecology and the Cartney family drives 4X4 not really eco responsible.

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After a long illness, Hilary Alexander, the London-based fashion writer who described leopard prints in her 2018 book, died at 77.

As president of the Graduate Fashion Foundation, which hosts Graduate Fashion Week, an annual showcase for fashion students, Alexander mentored many British fashion journalists during her long career at The Daily Telegraph.

Woe to anyone who interfered with Alexander’s pursuing a story or rushing to the next show when she was a bon viveur partial to Champagne and cigarettes. The gravelly sound of her voice could be heard through even the most dense fashion crowd, and she traveled the world reporting on shows, special events, and, of course, parties.

As a fashion news reporter, features writer, stylist, and features writer for the newspaper, her joie de vivre never got in the way of her ambition. RIP.


Easily one of the most fun red carpets in Hollywood, the Grammys brought out the biggest names in music on Sunday. Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, Lizzo, Mary J. Blige, Brandi Carlile, Sam Smith, Steve Lacy, Kim Petras, and Luke Combs will perform at the 2023 awards.

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Black magic for white poetry of burning metal, and like a magnetic transgression, the man from Castille had enriched Parisian fashion with feminine sculptures in polyethylene and metal?

His sewing is chemical and fantastic, it was phenomenal, but also pheromonal at the sight of his dresses surges an ocean of oxytocin .

I remember; he was there kneeling in that human distress of the true creators, and you could feel the passionate fervor in his black eyes. He would pull his hands back behind his back to show that he was the slave and not the master of his sewing. He leaned his head against the bottom of the mannequin’s throat, and on his side he clipped a metal ring like a child adoring the Madonna as a devotee, receiving the host of notoriety.

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In the Southern District of New York, Mason Rothschild wrapped up his testimony Thursday at the trademark infringement trial brought forth by Hermès.

California-based artist has been accused of trademark infringement, dilution, and cybersquatting. 100 “MetaBirkin” NFTs were created by Rothschild, two-dimensional images of faux-fur-covered handbags inspired by the luxury house’s prized Birkin bag.

Rothschild, according to Hermès executives and its legal team, confused consumers, diluted the brand and affected the company’s own NFT and metaverse plans. The project was conceived in late 2021 by Rothschild, who goes by the name Sonny Estival. It was motivated by the fur-free movement that was becoming popular in the fashion industry at the time, as well as his desire to create an illusion of value for digital handbags similar to Birkins. He and his team have argued repeatedly that his artistic expression is protected by the First Amendment and the two-dimensional blockchain-hosted images cannot be used as handbags in the metaverse. Continue reading