Kim Jones, artistic director of men’s collections at Dior, is a longtime fan of the brand founded by Massimo Osti in 1982 so much so that he is one of the faces of its upcoming campaign featuring members of its community.

Stone Island is something that I’ve worn since I was a teenager. I could afford one piece. I remember saving up for it and it was so hard to get,” Jones said in an interview at the Dior showroom in Paris. “It was just a little sweatshirt, but with the patch, and I was probably about 19.”

The designer was referring to the buttoned badge bearing the brand’s signature compass logo that has been a beacon for subcultures ranging from the paninari teenagers of Milan in the ‘80s to British football fanatics in the ‘90s and more recently, U.S. hip-hop fans introduced to Stone Island through its collaboration with cult New York skatewear brand Supreme.