So here is a new page that is turning for Chanel, but does Haute Couture really have an importance in a luxury house since the 255 bag went from €200 to €9,500 in less than 20 years, bringing to the marks phenomenal internal growth without doing anything?

The choice could first have been Haider Ackermann because Chanel is not in Bogota, but, at the same time, also the young Jacquemus. However, the idea fell through very quickly, because how could he run a studio of small hands, he who knows neither how to draw nor sew himself.

So, Karl Lagerfeld’s hop Hedi Slimane, who would have liked to be Kalif instead of Kalif, instead of “La Viard”, but it will not be so. Another candidate, one of the great couturiers, the only master of the art of couture who could reinvent poetry within Chanel, Franck Sorbier, because poetry is back, and the choice would have been subtle, but too subtle for the leaders.

And then, a few names of young designers unknown to the general public, but who could renew, like Mugler and Montana in his time, the style of the house. A little Dgena from the DM brand, Esmod’s golden needle and is 27 years old and has already had 10 years in fashion and dresses the biggest rappers on the planet, a sort of counterpart to Pharrell Williams. But, the name of a strange zebra that the governing bodies will try to force down and coming out of the schools of the Chambre syndical which he rarely attended, of Villemorin the cursed painter. A name also who visited Paris and its rumor for a few weeks, Daniel Roseberry from Scaparelli for a performance which will be up and down, for a chainsaw massacre, Americanization obliges.

But for this to be one of these proposals, it will need someone who lasts over time, and let’s never forget that at the time, when Karl was chosen, no one thought he was going to succeed, and especially no one didn’t want it. So what can we hope for?