Opening September 1, Florasis à la Samaritaine. The counter will be located in the center of the beauty floor, alongside a wide range of premium international beauty brands. The space will allow the brand to demonstrate what merging Eastern beauty philosophy with Western luxury retail would look like. The lord’s flagship leaves the door open to China in the center of Paris
The brand is known for being an affordable brand in China and loved by millions, it aims to maintain a consistent global pricing strategy. That said, prices at the Samaritaine counter will be considered to reflect the local market, as Samaritaine is not the most competitive location or prices.

Gabby Chen, president of global expansion for Hangzhou-based Florasis, known locally as Hua Xizi, said the partnership with DFS, notably at Samaritaine in Paris, provides the brand with “a strategic location synonymous with luxury and style. But the financial agreement is unknown, we have to make profitable a store which is more of a museum than a real boutique.

The location should also appeal to international and especially Chinese travelers, more than to local Parisians.