The bar turned into a runway. Students, artists, designers, musicians, DJs, and fashion types all pressed together in the chaotic spirit of euphoria that Raf Simons wanted to whip up around the showing of his spring collection.

“I decided to come to London last year, because I felt the energy was incredible,” he said, while prepping a show at Printworks, a massive post-industrial newsprint factory

London, like the country, is a hurt animal, but it’s one that’s ready for release. Positives can be found within the negatives. He is probably talking about him hurt by the fashion Week in Paris and then in New York he is now trying London.

On tee shirts and dresses, he embedded prints of scrawled works by the late Ghent artist Philippe Vandenberg. I know his words are cruel, like, ‘Kill them all and dance,’ but he meant to kill things you’re doing creatively before moving on. Continue reading


On Monday, September 26th, Alaïa hosted a unique dinner at the Musée Picasso in Paris. A special event organised to celebrate the Alaïa x Picasso collaboration. The six dresses, inspired by Picasso’s Tanagras ceramics, were displayed in the courtyard of the museum. Friends of the house were invited to celebrate this exclusive collaboration between Alaïa and the Picasso Administration.


The designer is like a flame that we must fan, because without impetus it dies and becomes dusty. And if you let yourself look at your own genius while remaining passive, he dies, and all forget him in the silence of an intense pain that assails him. It was at the Folies Bergères, the mythical place of Parisian nights. Rochas with its complex codes, the little Vilmorin has difficulty in clinging to the philosophy of the house, his creation suffers cruelly from an identity crisis.

A fuchsia printed crop top and frou frou on the shoulder was accompanied by a skirt and trouser set and fought with a suit ivory check only wearable element in the subway. With heeled boots with laces, for an image of Pigalle not far from where the asphalt girls hung their customers, but when the designer thinks surrealism, he dreams of a pipe.

The fashion show ended with a transparent blouse and a hoop skirt. Vilmorin pure product of the asocial media more than anything else, the 25-year-old is still looking for his style. This cursed little painter has too big a job to do for his and someone else’s brand, and we shouldn’t expect more from him in my opinion. But history will tell if I was right or not. To the damned souls, value does not wait for the number of years either.

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In Giorgio Armani’s via Borgonuovo palazzo’s basement theater, models walked down the runway with an easterly breeze blowing through. Featuring gold-embossed bamboo poles, the invitation to the show revealed a collection inspired by sun-drenched climes and luxurious relaxation.

Despite the breezy and sometimes beachy silhouettes, models didn’t walk barefoot inside the palazzo. The girls wore sneakers, some of which were covered in iridescent fabric, as well as flat sandals and shoes.

Fashion designers in Europe are still pondering how to dress their post-lockdown customers, so they have turned to eveningwear and everyday glamour. Currently, they’re wearing sequins with sneakers, diaphanous fairy princess fabrics and biker boots, and embellishments and beading that were previously reserved for special occasions.

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French fashion house Puig has selected a British American as its new creative director. Harris Reed, becomes Nina Ricci’s youngest creative director since the company was founded in 1932. A story of androgyny is told between a woman and a man, but why does he choose to do so?Probably to replace the Vilmorin, which had a short-lived success.We need our Bilal Hassani in the fashion industry.

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As well as purity, pearls are also associated with tears and the British royal family. She previously wore the same coatdress to last year’s G7 summit in Cornwall, England, in white as well. Wearing the queen’s Japanese pearl choker consists of four strands joined by a diamond clasp, she paired it with a black hat with a netted veil.

Meghan Markle wore a black cape dress by Stella McCartney, who also designed the halter top dress she wore to her wedding reception. Previously, she wore a navy dress by McCartney.

In addition to the hat, Markle wore a Stephen Jones hat with a wide brim. Markle’s pearl earrings are believed to have been a gift from the queen for their first joint engagement together after she married Prince Harry.

Here is the difference between a girl from Hollywood boulevard who wears an outfit from an “ex space girls”, and the European chic of a lady Kate who dresses at a true designer Alexander Mac Queen.


Burberry is exploring a new creative path, and speaking to designers who could potentially replace chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci, whose contract expires in early 2023.

According to industry sources, one of those designers is Daniel Lee, who made an abrupt departure from the Kering-owned Bottega Veneta late last year, shortly after the brand’s spring 2022 runway show in Detroit, Michigan.

During its first-quarter results presentation in mid-July, Burberry said it was very happy with Tisci, and declined to comment on whether it was seeking to replace him. The sacred life force, invisible and powerful, contains the memory of the past and the vision of the future. It allows creation to manifest itself in matter here and now.


The beauty brand which is owned by parent company Victoria’s Secret Co.  on Tuesday will release “Bare Eau de Parfum,” a partnership with international perfume school Symrise. (Bare mean naked )

Bare is unlike any other fragrance in how it takes the idea of a signature scent to a whole new level. A proprietary blend of adaptive musks, developed in conjunction with the [nonprofit, independent scientific research center] Monell Institute  amplifies the weares unique scent, like a manifestation of their authentic self.”

“Choosing a fragrance is an extremely personal experience, so we took our time developing a scent that could be both relatable and unique to everyone who wears it,” said Victoria.

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Riding out  way out  to the Agafay desert one hour outside Marrakech, a van full of English and American editors were gobsmacked by the sight of two camels, They had seen the wintour and didier Grumler kissing, a real nightmare vision. In the Kering group we save the planet, the journalist had walked in the desert several meters.

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It’s like being invited to brunch at the designer’s house when you attend a Julie de Libran couture show. Watch models wind their way through the basement floor’s living room, inner courtyard, and kitchen while eating finger sandwiches and biscuits stamped with her initials.

inspired by a Peter Lindbergh photograph of Amber Valletta with angel wings. Meanwhile, surplus items from her collaboration with Eres, including lace bodysuits, bra tops and leggings, were given a new lease on life with a bedazzling of chunky Swarovski crystals.

This season, de Libran partnered with French specialist Causse on items including scooped silver driving gloves trimmed with a chain, and bicolor evening gloves. She also teamed with beauty brand Sisley on a black leather lipstick holder worn around the neck. finally a collection made by others.

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In spite of all the talk about changing the fashion calendar and downsizing shows, Paris Couture Week was back in full swing with 30 on-calendar shows and dozens of other runways and presentations. Nothing felt “slow fashion” about the four-day frenzy.
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