There is a sense of nostalgia surrounding nearly every fashion corner these days, and the best designer handbags are no exception.

Typically, the handbag revival revolves around the iconic hobo bag, which is now reimagined as crescent shoulder bags with short or crossbody straps.

The hobo bag is a style of handbag or purse that is typically large and characterized by a crescent shape, a slouchy posture and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. The silhouette of handbags was very popular in the early to mid 2000’s, with many celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen popularizing the style as part of a larger Boho-chic trend.

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The shareholders of LVMH Mo*t Hennessy Louis Vuitton voted 81.6 percent in favor of an extension to 80 for its longtime chairman and chief executive officer, who is 73.  Dressed in the same shade of blue as President Macron, the luxury titan presided over LVMH’s first in-person shareholder meeting in three years on Thursday morning.
In another example of his penchant for hyperbole, Arnault boasted that Christian Dior, a crown jewel of the diversified group, is a French name as famous as Napoleon. As a veiled dig at smaller rival Kering, he pointed out that LVMH’s operating profits in 2021 approached those of other luxury groups.The Sphinx of luxury under the piramyde of the Louvre makes sense.
Since you don’t belong to some anonymous group, you are a part of the family, he smiled at the audience. A few weeks after Facebook’s name change to Meta, he reiterated his skepticism about the metaverse.

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This summer, British department store Selfridges and fashion brand Jacquemus are teaming up for a takeover project titled “Le Bleu.” (Designer Jacquemus for only the English people) From May 3, the retailer’s The Corner Shop space on Oxford Street will be turned into a surrealist retail concept inspired by Simon Porte Jacquemus’ own bathroom. Let’s dive into the bathtub fashion and get into the swing, After pink in Paris here is the blue in London.

There will be exclusive colorways of the brand’s bestselling Chiquito and Bambino bags; hoodies, T-shirts, and towels; a photography book, “Marseille Je T’aime,” and items from Le Splash’s ready-to-wear collection.

The old Selfridges Hotel on top of the food hall in the mews will host an immersive experience concept called “Le Vestiaire.” Visitors will be transported through a surrealist interpretation of a swimming pool with locker rooms and a number of other sensory rooms.

The project comes with a campaign featuring Iris Law, posing by the pool in a blue bikini with matching nail color, What an idea!


Dior has signed on to sponsor the Venice Biennale, which will be dominated by women and nonconforming artists in its next edition.The 59th International Art Exhibition will run from April 23 to Nov. 27 with funding from the French fashion house.

As the first Italian woman to direct the event, Cecilia Alemani is also a friend of Pietro Beccari, chairman and chief executive officer of Christian Dior Couture, perhaps this explains it. This year, the house is partnering with Venetian Heritage, an organization dedicated to restoring and preserving Venice’s cultural treasures, on a fundraising gala.

The event will take place at the Teatro La Fenice on Saturday, the opening day of the Biennale, and will support the restoration of the Ca’ d’Oro Museum on the Grand Canal, which is considered to be the finest surviving example of Venetian Gothic architecture. When I was writing an article about the “Museïfication” of Dior, I was in the clouds


A high-end watch brand that is taking on the Goliath of global warming by using recycled materials for its products and packaging, and thus inviting other manufacturers to do the same. Besides making watches from recycled materials, Panerai has also published a list of its suppliers so that its competitors can use similar metals and substances to reduce prices.

He has also been considering the transition from the automotive industry to electric power like many of his Richemont colleagues in Switzerland.

Giovanni Panerai founded the company in Florence in 1860 as a watchmaking school, workshop, and store. The company supplied precision instruments to the Italian Navy and later to the Egyptian Navy.

For most of its history, it has been associated with military and underwater performance, one of the reasons Panerai works with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.Together, they are developing ocean awareness activities as part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development. Continue reading


Must we resign ourselves interminably to be only the heralds and the submissive exegetes of the infinitely reproductible? Look at the fashion which regurgitates, redraws always the same stories, synthesizes the same thoughts, declaims the same verses like the peacock’s finery. No question! Go and find a brand outside any “Monarchy” where the level of imagination gives to the world something subtle and sublime at the same time.
Here is the poetry of the beautiful, a moment by which all memory admits to be silent, to leave place to the spouting. And if you become royal this one will carry you away in the ardor of a young businessman to sing in your heart the poetry of the chic. The “Monarchy”, finally, is only the tyranny of the beautiful? It is enough to make the French and their king Louis XIV, the champion of luxury in France, pale in comparison.

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Sotheby’s is celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with a portrait exhibition of Queen Elizabeth II, and her six female predecessors, as part of a two-week series of shows and cultural events at the London auction house.

In the exhibition showing Britain’s seven queens, works will range from the famous Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I, in all her pearly and beribboned splendor, to portraits by Andy Warhol and Chris Levine of Elizabeth II.

The Andy Warhol portrait hails from the 1980s and shows the Queen as a 20th-century celebrity: the source image for the work is the official photographic portrait taken in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year, a decade prior. It was part of Warhol’s series known as “Reigning Queens.”

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Louis Vuitton, Dior, Tiffany & Co. are some of the 75 brands owned by the luxury conglomerate. As the U.S. and Europe logged double-digit growth, the company’s sales jumped by 29 percent in the first quarter, assuaging fears that the war in Ukraine would negatively impact growth and inflation.

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Nicolas Ghesquière picked one of the most famous and arresting buildings in California for Louis Vuitton’s cruise 2023 show on May 12 the Salk Institute in San Diego, very  poetic, with a views of the Pacific Ocean. Nicolas typically selects an architectural marvel as a transporting backdrop for cruise shows, fashion superman is return.
Having spent a lot of time in California, he was drawn to the idea of showing there again, and the Salk Institute was a place of wonder, very Brutalist architecture against this extraordinary and the California sunset provides endless inspiration, It is true that Stalinist structures are in fashionable.

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On May 21, Balenciaga will unveil its spring 2023 collection in New York City, the Paris-based fashion house, controlled by Kering, announced. The venue is still unknown, but it’s the latest sign that destination fashion shows are making a comeback, as the pandemic loosens its grasp

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Laurent Cathala was promoted to the position of president of the Greater China fashion business, continuing Gucci’s increased focus on the fashion sector. In addition to being based in Shanghai, he will report directly to Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s president and CEO. Cathala will be the leader of the Greater China leadership team.
At Tiffany & Co, he served as vice president emerging markets in Dubai before joining Gucci. In the following years, he was promoted to president of Greater China and president of North Asia, positions he has held since.Cathala began his career in the Moulinex Group?
A little bit of history, Parisian craftsman Jean Mantelet invents the vegetable mill, a very simple appliance for turning cooked vegetables into a perfectly smooth mash or puree.

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Despite never having met Alber Elbaz, Thebe Magugu was enchanted by his gripping runway shows for Lanvin, soigné cocktail dresses and charismatic personality, discovered via ‘Fashion Television’ once his family in Kimberley, South Africa, had saved up enough to get satellite TV.
From June through September, Magugu expanded on the print and textile research Elbaz began at AZ Factory and added signatures from his five-year-old Johannesburg brand.
Elbaz created AZ Factory with the vision of being a new kind of fashion company that embraces like-minded creative talent, and goes forward with serial guest creators and freewheeling projects.
The design of Magugu’s white blouse, skirt, and feathered hat is on all of the posters for the musee galliera exhibition, part of the mammoth ‘Love Bring Love’ tribute show that just ended last October, with 46 brands and designers creating looks inspired by Elbaz.
In addition to the flowing caftans, he also designed a white, bell-sleeved knit column modeled after an African makoti or wedding dress, as well as artfully folded African headdresses called gele, which he interpreted as ruffled bucket bags suspended from a wrist cord.

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Valérie Lebérichel has been appointed global vice president of communication at Givenchy. As of April 4, she will assume the duties previously held by Youssef Marquis, who moved to Louis Vuitton as fashion communication director last January.

Native from the city of Dinan in BrItany France, to swell the long list of BrItany women of Rance Valley as Catherine Le Yaouanc, CEO of the Franco-British Chamber of commerce in Paris and Anne-Marie Idriac former Minister of transport, and many others.

Lebérichel joins Givenchy from the Prada Group, where she was worldwide communication Director for Miu Miu since 2013. She also assumed the role of head of communications for Prada France in 2019.

At Givenchy, she reports to Renaud de Lesquen, president and CEO, who has lauded Lebérichel as a widely respected fashion professional and a natural fit for overseeing the many aspects of communication during this exciting period of development at the house. Continue reading


The most famous clock of the world placed on Big Ben is going to be changed to become a digital clock. Indeed the French luxury group LVMH has just bought the right to put instead its new digital watch for  brand TAG.

It seems that many complaints have been registered in London. But the French group will not stop there because it also plans to put a digital clock at night on the Effel Tower which will be visible from the Samaritaine. French luxury is exported everywhere and especially in historical monuments, thus claiming the phrase of Mr. Arnault to Steve Jobs : “I sell the history of France while you, you sell technology of the moment”.

Where will the marketing of the luxury group stop one day, will they eventually be as powerful as a state? To be continued. At the time when the largest watchmaking exhibition opens on April 1st, the symbol is strong but so is the issue for the French group in front of the Richemont group.