Help ! Mine, Marquis de Sade! It was yesterday, once again, at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. This time, as at every demonstration, the majority of men are made to look like harassers, serial rapists! Once again, we are stigmatized, and moreover by a woman, who would certainly never have been in a producer’s room, she, who often goes to La Châtre, to see the grave of Georges Sand.

Hearing the Nespresso Mistress of a café called “Désir” ends up tiring of me. Being continually placed in the ranks of a minority, suggesting that the male majority are counterfeit humans: “Cetaceans” could have said Harvey The Whale.

I love women and I respect them. I have no apprehension for these subjects which advance civilization and which can do good for humanity. But enough is enough! Who will dare to say it in front of these “Females” thirsty for revenge, and who absolutely want to create a tsunami against the male gender.

Meanwhile, I think of the thousands of women who are single and who are searching in vain for a companion who could accompany them in their lives and help them raise their children. They stay alone. Stop this carnage of destroying male-female relationships once and for all. No man on the street wants to, and cannot, give a compliment without looking like a pervert. I tell you, good women, the majority of whom loved men, fight against your fellow men who harm you, and will leave you alone on your bed.