BEACHWomen feel very concerned about their look on the beach. Beaches and swimming pools can really be crual for women. Therefore it is very important to make sure that you have a remarkable outfit for good looking on the beach. You have several options ranging from tunics, super sized kaftans and even hot short to skirts. Unfortunately most people do not choose the right outfit they need to stay good looking on the beach.

If you are part of that group, stay with us. We will provide you with the right information to look and stay good while you are on the beach next Summer. Though, it is important that you Continue reading


smaltojpgThe famous Italian designer, Francesco Smalto died in his sleep in a hotel room in Morocco at the age of 87. He passed away of natural causes at the hotel Mamounia in Marrakech.

Morocco for Smalto was actually a second home. The designer has constantly visited the country for a few decades and even had been the own tailor of king Hassan II. Note that the name of the designer was associated at the glorious history of the fashion house of Francesco Smalto, which he founded in 1962. Continue reading


REDHAIRRed heads, blondes and brunettes. Who has more fun? Apparently blondes do. And in second position? Red heads are still considered the sexiest.

In my office the other week, during a break, a conversation took place about a recent report that sperm banks no longer want red-headed donors. Apparently, sperm from red-headed donors is in demand in Ireland and to some degree in the United States. Why? People want their children to look like them, and tall of course.

In the best of all possible worlds, all children would be a blessing, and it would not matter what color their hair might be (or how they were conceived). But in the real world, there are all sorts of reasons why parents want their children to look like them physically, including a wish to avoid comments and questions, some of which might be rude Continue reading


darelWe assist to the return of the American funds in Europe. Blomberg has just announced the sale of the French house that produces the Gerard Darel and Pablo brands. It would seem that the American private-equity firm Advent International, the majority shareholder of the French company since 2008, has declared that it was the right time to put it back on the market.

Advent International is looking at taking advantage of Continue reading


yooxThe Italian online fashion retailers Yoox and Richemont’s Net-&-porter confirmed merger talks and, thus, creating an industry leader in the fast-growing online fashion market. This merge will enable both companies to fight a fierce competition from the bevy of online fashion retailers that have emerged in recent years, particularly in Asia, and from upmarket department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman which have boosted investments in online trading and services.

Much of the growth in online fashion retail has been driven by buyers in Asia and the United States, hunting Continue reading


KOMONO1The KOMONO CORE collection is in a class of its own: original accessories that allow you to express your individuality. Authentic designs created to merge the classic and the new, design and fashion, minimalism and colour, accessories and lifestyle.

The most interesting places are often the places in between: the unclaimed territory when you pass from one point to the next. That moment when you’re still carrying your previous destination within you, even though you are already moving on to whatever comes next. This is the essence of a journey: not the starting point but the journey itself. Continue reading


VALENTINYudashkin was born on 14 October 1963 in the Moscow region. As a child he loved drawing and was fascinated with clothes and design. During the Soviet era, it was not a very popular interest among boys and Yudashkin risked becoming an outcast. However, he pursued his passion. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Moscow Industrial College, majoring in clothes design and makeup. Yudashkin’s parents were not thrilled with his choice of career, but they decided not to put pressure on him. The fact that he was practically the only male in his class did not distress him – he studied hard and graduated with honors.

Yudashkin created his first collection during the Perestroika, when Russia was opening itself up to new ideas. In 1987 some 150 items of the Yudashkin collection were shown in Moscow. They were so Continue reading


DIANAVREELANDDiana Vreeland (September 29, 1903 – August 22, 1989), was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for the fashion magazines Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and as a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1964.

She was born as Diana Dalziel in Paris, France, at 5, avenue du Bois-de-Boulogne (Avenue Foch). Vreeland was the eldest daughter of American socialite mother Emily Key Hoffman (1876–1928) and British father Frederick Young Dalziel (1868–1960). Hoffman was a descendant of George Washington’s brother as well as a cousin of Francis Scott Key.

Diana Vreeland “discovered” actress Lauren Bacall in the Continue reading