Fausto Puglisi militates for the disappearance of the color! My life in white and black. Fausto’s creativity is between shade and light. He showed their variety and diversity in texture. For him, YSL is the re-interpretation of tuxedo.

Puglisi’s work is a study in bold contrasts and reflects both his Italian origins as well as his fascination with every facets of the American culture. Stefano Gabbana has been invited by Puglisi to take part in their retail project “Spiga 2” which featured a mix of young and unknown international designers.

Women are appearing covered in polka dots on a floor-length skirt.  Although this focus on black and white became what the French call ‘find a style’ was expertly done and gives a fashion face to a brand that had been blanked out.

Puglisi, like Emanuel Ungaro before him, is quintessentially Italian in his unabashed enthusiasm for body-conscious clothes. We love this collection, and we have probably a new St Laurent Designer on the way.