SORBIER15Franck Sorbier, in his constant conceptual research on the future of Haute Couture and luxury, maintains his strategy in a post-apocalyptic area. He maintains himself the whole values of Haute Couture in this world, to keep the fundaments than others try to erase and to level down the profession in order to be able to raise themselves by a mechanical effect.

We are not at the limit of poetry but we are in pure poetry; a fashion concept looking like a Manet or a Van Gogh. More specifically a moment to forget this world so unfair.

Beautiful Memories are also the quintessence of fashion. And as Camus used to say, “the way you name things, can add to the misery of the world.” Is not it, Mr. Wargnier?


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VALENTINYudashkin was born on 14 October 1963 in the Moscow region. As a child he loved drawing and was fascinated with clothes and design. During the Soviet era, it was not a very popular interest among boys and Yudashkin risked becoming an outcast. However, he pursued his passion. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Moscow Industrial College, majoring in clothes design and makeup. Yudashkin’s parents were not thrilled with his choice of career, but they decided not to put pressure on him. The fact that he was practically the only male in his class did not distress him – he studied hard and graduated with honors.

Yudashkin created his first collection during the Perestroika, when Russia was opening itself up to new ideas. In 1987 some 150 items of the Yudashkin collection were shown in Moscow. They were so Continue reading


Born in Brussels, Christian moved to Antwerp in 1996 to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art. His graduate collection won the Dries Van Noten Award for best collection in 2000.

After graduation, Christian presented his collection at the prestigious Festival d’Hyères, where it was awarded the Grand Prix and picked up by stores including Colette (Paris), Pineal Eye (London), and Via Bus Stop (Tokyo). After working with Van Noten in Antwerp and Angelo Tarlazzi in Paris, Christian launched his eponymous label in 2003.

Christian Wijnants presents his collections in Paris during Paris Fashion Week and is sold at 100 boutiques and department stores worldwide.

Christian is for us a very promising designer, and he could be the new Marc Jacobs in Europe.

So read my lips Mr. Duek and come to Milano Fashion Week.



bowiewong3At the Peninsula Hotel we sent the famous fashion blogger Dgena who only reorted onto the designer Bowie Wong’s catwalk this year as she is preparing her A level. Two years ago we met Bowie Wong in Paris thanks to Dimitri, the Manager of the magazine L’Official for UK, Australie and New Zealand.

What striked us was the predominant red colour all along the show. Never forget that the color red in China symbolised luck, happiness, marriage, health, celebrity and prosperity as the presented dresses were in red.

For this collection Bowie Wong bet on the volume and for each dress he has used at least three different materials. One of the underskirts of this new collection Spring-Summer 2015 consisted of exactly 3 888 pink floyds in origami. This was really impressing because the work for this collection was of better quality and studied than the precedent one. We like the collection and the designer. There is a real potential and we will carry on to follow him.

Bowie Wong was born in Hong Kong, China in 1969. As the son of a Chinese opera singer, Continue reading