VALENTINYudashkin was born on 14 October 1963 in the Moscow region. As a child he loved drawing and was fascinated with clothes and design. During the Soviet era, it was not a very popular interest among boys and Yudashkin risked becoming an outcast. However, he pursued his passion. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Moscow Industrial College, majoring in clothes design and makeup. Yudashkin’s parents were not thrilled with his choice of career, but they decided not to put pressure on him. The fact that he was practically the only male in his class did not distress him – he studied hard and graduated with honors.

Yudashkin created his first collection during the Perestroika, when Russia was opening itself up to new ideas. In 1987 some 150 items of the Yudashkin collection were shown in Moscow. They were so well-liked it made him famous all across the country. His fame reached as far as France and a year later he was invited to Paris, a trip that changed his perception of fashion in a fundamental way. He thinks the most interesting moment of creating a collection is the very beginning.