bowiewong3At the Peninsula Hotel we sent the famous fashion blogger Dgena who only reorted onto the designer Bowie Wong’s catwalk this year as she is preparing her A level. Two years ago we met Bowie Wong in Paris thanks to Dimitri, the Manager of the magazine L’Official for UK, Australie and New Zealand.

What striked us was the predominant red colour all along the show. Never forget that the color red in China symbolised luck, happiness, marriage, health, celebrity and prosperity as the presented dresses were in red.

For this collection Bowie Wong bet on the volume and for each dress he has used at least three different materials. One of the underskirts of this new collection Spring-Summer 2015 consisted of exactly 3 888 pink floyds in origami. This was really impressing because the work for this collection was of better quality and studied than the precedent one. We like the collection and the designer. There is a real potential and we will carry on to follow him.

Bowie Wong was born in Hong Kong, China in 1969. As the son of a Chinese opera singer, Continue reading


RotondeThe ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ has become the ultimate model for Cartier’s sophisticated men: housed in a very masculine, but still elegant cases, varying in sizes from just 40mm up to a 47mm and always made in 18k gold or palladium.

Cartier’s decision to produce only the watches in precious metals made the ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ watch not affordable for a large audience and not as easy to wear as any daily watch.

Now that has all been changed, since Cartier has decided to release two new models in an all steel case!

The dial finish is just gorgeous and so are the Continue reading