IMPERMEABLEcanalFashion is the most enhancing element in this modern world. The fashion style is portraying one’s physical appearance with clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup or body piercing and tatoo. Fashion has always been a part of our appearance and it is prevailing in different styles in day-to-day’s life.

Why people love to portray themselves in a more fashionable way? What’s driving them crazy over fashion? Only through your wardrobes and fashionable accessories one can showcase his/her precious body. People judge you by the way you dress. Even an unknowing person can easily approach you, if what you wear is good enough. Continue reading


LENNYMEUYERBrazilian brand Lenny Niemeyer confirmed the trend with his low-cut one pieces featuring horizontal muticolored stripes in greens, blues and oranges. Rope detailing at the straps added a fun nautical twist to the look. “I create glamorous looks with distinctive elements”, says Lenny. “I design for the independent, chic woman and my suits are meant to highlight their femininity, beauty and charm.”

Lenny Niemeyer arrived in Rio de Janeiro, after moving from her childhood home in Sao Paulo. As she began her search for sophisticated bikinis with the sensual allure of a Carioca, she ended up finding a new talent. Lenny gave up trying to find bikinis that suited her style and took up a new career.

She hired a seamstress and with small amounts of fabric she started to Continue reading



São Paulo shows presented a mix of historical and cultural references. It feels timely that local designers are starting to look within Brazil to create an authentic style, and in the front rows there’s a lot of enthusiasm about the fact that the collections aren’t taking their cues from Paris.

Quite different from the breakneck pace of the industry. Interestingly, she chose a proper timing of work and forced to go at your own pace.

With her, time passes slowly. Models wore long off-white dresses differentiated by such unexpected textures as fishnet, ropes, and soft fringe.

Raia, who believes in slow fashion, presents her collection only once a year, during the Spring season.

Maybe Mr Wargnier should take a look at bresilian designers?