IMPERMEABLEcanalFashion is the most enhancing element in this modern world. The fashion style is portraying one’s physical appearance with clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup or body piercing and tatoo. Fashion has always been a part of our appearance and it is prevailing in different styles in day-to-day’s life.

Why people love to portray themselves in a more fashionable way? What’s driving them crazy over fashion? Only through your wardrobes and fashionable accessories one can showcase his/her precious body. People judge you by the way you dress. Even an unknowing person can easily approach you, if what you wear is good enough.

As mentioned earlier, fashion is trending out in various manners. When it comes to clothing, dress codes do come into significance. In a single day, an individual will come over two to three dress codes and they love to present themselves with their best attires. Generally, dress codes convey a message or used as a signal of indication depending on what the person has worn. For instance, if you’re going to attend a business meeting where you’re the CEO of that company or the managerial staff; people do expect you in a business/ informal suit dress code than a casual wear.

When you ask, is fashion harmful to society? To my mind I would say that fashion has never been harmful to society unless the way you are dressed is not too sexy. People should visualize fashion as a form of communication and an art. Fashion is just a way of expressing your appearance even better and it has always been a part in our life. It has predominantly attracted women of all ages. Women have variety in clothing, accessories and footwear; and they wear according to the latest trends that are available in the market. Nowadays, it is easier to become fashionable with the online shopping. In two or three clicks, you can choose the latest trending fashionable accessories and clothing.