São Paulo shows presented a mix of historical and cultural references. It feels timely that local designers are starting to look within Brazil to create an authentic style, and in the front rows there’s a lot of enthusiasm about the fact that the collections aren’t taking their cues from Paris.

Quite different from the breakneck pace of the industry. Interestingly, she chose a proper timing of work and forced to go at your own pace.

With her, time passes slowly. Models wore long off-white dresses differentiated by such unexpected textures as fishnet, ropes, and soft fringe.

Raia, who believes in slow fashion, presents her collection only once a year, during the Spring season.

Maybe Mr Wargnier should take a look at bresilian designers?


TufiDuekTufi Duek has become one of the most iconic jeanswear labels in his home country, Brazil. Although he is famous for his jeans, his brand is also well known for the more sophisticated evening dresses. His most popular labels are “Forum” and “Triton”.

The Forum label is derived from sensuality while the Triton label revolves around the ideas of preppy and young. He also has a six-year contract with the art director, Giovanni Bianco.

This dramatic collection was all about the beauty of strength. How a woman can be strong and powerful without ever having to give up her femininity.

Tufi is for us the new very promising designer, and he could be the new Mac Queen in Europe. So read my thoughts Mister Duek,  come to Paris.