cartierThere are few men in that world who can say they made and are part of history. The Cartier brothers are certainly two of those men. They have transformed with their design and esthetics the early twentieth century. Besides, Louis Cartier was fascinated by aviators like Alberto Santos-Dumont. Cartier’s latest fragrance “L’Envol” honours those pioneers.

L’Envol de Cartier is a fragrance that was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent. The idea was to galvanize the spirit and stimulate the soul. As suggested by the name of this perfume, it aims to give sufficient strength to those who wear it to excel and take flight. It is as if the gods themselves had put their magic in the hollow of a glass case. Continue reading


per-spookHe was running a fashion house in Paris from 1977 to 1995. He was awarded Aiguille d’Or (The Golden Needle) in 1978, and Dé d’Or (The Golden Thimble) in 1993. Born in Oslo, Norway, 1939, he studied at School of Fine Arts, Oslo, and Esmod Paris.

Arrived in Paris in 1957, he joined house of Dior soon afterwards; and worked as freelancer with Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Féraud before opening his own house, 1977;

Spook clothes were instantly applauded for their new, soft shapes and color. He established a hallmark for well-cut clothes that were elegantly understated but upheld the characteristics of quality, individuality, and wearability. Continue reading


chanelcanalIn 1938, Antonin Artaud described the illusory nature of characters and objects in the theatre as “la réalité virtuelle” in a collection of essays, Le Théâtre et son double.

The English translation of this book, published in 1958 as The Theater and its Double, is the earliest published use of the term “virtual reality”. The term “artificial reality”, coined by Myron Krueger, has been in use since the 1970s. The term “virtual reality” was used in The Judas Mandala, a 1982 science fiction novel by Damien Broderick.

We live in a technical world. We’re plugged in, switched on, and everything that Star Trek (sliding doors) and George Orwell (Big Brother is watching you) predicted has more or less come true. The only thing Karl knows about the virtual world around him is nothing, Choupette is more connected than him. Continue reading


canalluxeA cotton drill denim jacket or coat and flat leather fringing like a bassorilievo. Moving through to the bags, there’s the new way, a rigid vanity case with a metal closure as well as mini bags, which were carried in pairs. All had metal chain straps to add a bold touch to the total look.

A simple catwalk exalted the bold colors chosen by Nadege Vanhee-Cibulski for Hermès.

The mood remained very chic, exemplified by all the prints with an invisibly elegant feel, folded within the pleats of a swishing skirt for example.

Issey Miyake look or style, Nadege find her style in the eyes of Japan.