per-spookHe was running a fashion house in Paris from 1977 to 1995. He was awarded Aiguille d’Or (The Golden Needle) in 1978, and Dé d’Or (The Golden Thimble) in 1993. Born in Oslo, Norway, 1939, he studied at School of Fine Arts, Oslo, and Esmod Paris.

Arrived in Paris in 1957, he joined house of Dior soon afterwards; and worked as freelancer with Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Féraud before opening his own house, 1977;

Spook clothes were instantly applauded for their new, soft shapes and color. He established a hallmark for well-cut clothes that were elegantly understated but upheld the characteristics of quality, individuality, and wearability.

per-spook2When it comes to ready-to-wear, the ideal Spook customer has been a woman who is both realistic and practical. She is active, up to date and, with her international lifestyle and career, needs clothes that are graceful and polished but also witty and lively.

Spook collections have often been fanciful and evoked romantic images of society lifestyles in the 1920s and 1930s. The clothes have had a strong resort feel, suggesting leisured times at Deauville or on the Lido at Venice.

Spook’s other artistic interests are noteworthy and undoubtedly inspirational when it comes to fashion design, and his design interests have not been exclusively fashion oriented. He is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and photographer. To a designer, haute couture is often the inventive lifeblood of the industry, where creativity is unhampered by the limitations of expense or market (unfortunately, financing has been a battle for Spook, who lost his backing in 1994).