HERMESBILLIONSThe luxury Hermes cie has declared a net profit for one billion euro in 2015 and has slightly increased its margin by to 31.8%. Early February the leather-saddle company had already released its annual turnover, which reached 4.84 billion euros in sales, up 8.1% at constant exchange rates.

Axel Dumas, the president, said the operating margin “increased to 31.8% of sales” (against 31.5% last year) “despite a difficult global environment, whether the situation in Hong Kong, Macao or the terrorist attacks in Paris. “

Hermes has hired nearly 500 people last year, “including 400 in France, mainly in manufacturing and sales teams.” End of 2015 it employed a total of 12,244 people, including 7,461 in France. Finally we wonder why Hermès refused Arnault’s offer as they adopt a strategy similar to the LVMH cash machine.