Quilted patent leather, metal button, non-slip wheels, Karl Lagerfeld reinvents the ultra luxury version of the trolley for his supermarket.

Pasta with caviar, sardines with “foie gras” … Karl Lagerfeld had dared to transform the Grand Palais into a luxury supermarket. With over 500 products and 1000 packaged items, the models parade between the shelf spaces.

In fashion, Chanel reinvented sneakers, leggings, tweed suits declined in jumpsuit, bags, box of milk “Coco” or candy package. The “must” of these exceptional accessories: the reinterpretation of Continue reading


YSLstudio2“Mirror and Secrets” could have been called the new book of the fashion historian, Jéromine Savignon, who tells the story of the process behind the designer’s couture collections.

Published by Actes Sud, the book is published in both French and English, and contains around 40 unreleased images — including sketches and photographs of the designer at work in various studios — along with quotes from Pierre Bergé. Photographers include Marc Riboud, Jeanloup Sieff and François-Marie Banier.

The author divides the designer’s creation process into five acts. “The process is a dogged pursuit of perfection in an almost mute effervescence,”. Continue reading


canal4 - CopieDear Sir,

As promised, you will find hereafter the article on Véronique Branquinho. As you refused to invite us for purposes which are none, we are publishing what we sent you.

As key Opinion Leaders, when the times of the collections came, we asked for invitations to the shows. As over the last 5 years we had been receiving the same formated email from “students” having an internship at PR CONSULTING. Besides those emails were full of mistakes. We are really wondering why you are employing qualified people and ask students to do their jobs. Maybe those communication or PR Managers are not paid enough to fulfill their job?

In fact, the sad reality is that you employ “stagiaire2@…” to do the job to avoid recruiting qualified employees and without really briefing them on who to invite to satisfy your clients. What we are sure is that you have enough places for friends and friends of friends … Continue reading


HAUTECOUJTUREToday is a very specific moment. Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture starts and you can find the whole schedule of Paris Fall-Winter 2014-15 Haute Couture. Nothing is ever more characteristic in the world of fashion, and more specifically int Haute Couture.

It is not difficult to define the worst and the best aspects of Haute Couture. In fact, it is easily summed up in one word: perfection. The Perfection is the word I love the most as it is so easy to write an article when the collection is fabulous. However it is so difficult to write an article when the presentation is ugly.

Creating and delivering this level of high quality require inexhaustible energy. Paradoxically, it is to this ideal Continue reading



Though white can be chic all year round, nothing says Summer like a fresh all white look. Attempt to mix textures and layers when debuting head-to-toe of any one hue. Combine different weights, such as white lace or chiffon, and evening wear weaves, like satin and organza, for an interesting effect on the eyes. Take layering for example; drape mesh in silver over chalky whites to soften the block of color.

White on white is a key trend. For (DINER EN BLANC), Continue reading