DINEZFashion Week Haute Couture will take place from January 24th to 28th. The legendary Avenue Montaigne Hotel will pay tribute to Christian Dior with a five star dinner menu.

Under the leadership of Alain Ducasse, Chef Philippe Marc has created a menu inspired by the designer’s favorite recipe book. Fortunately Raf Simmons did not create the menu !

After the “Fast Fashion” they create the FFF (Fast Fashion Food). The fabulous marketing process is “en route”, with the FFF and do not stress if you do not like it you can go to the Dior Institut to relax. Continue reading


PFWRevolution in the French Fédération of Couture, it has upgraded its website and opened more to the digital world. It is a blow of modernity, they are finally launching new digital tools, an Application iphone, and broadcast on the social media like twitter etc… It looks like a train which is always late.

It is strange to start a new “Has Been” strategy. What have they done all those years ! Instagramme, Twitter… are a must to have. However what about the Dark Net, and other new tools to broadcast your information. You said “Has Been”, I would dare to say: “Dead”.

By the way do not forget to add images as we are no more in the 1990’s when we could only have text. To pay an application € 50 000, when you can have the same application for € 5 000. No wonder why the Fédération has no money for promoting new designers, the future talents.

Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion (Oscar Wild)



black2The Lady in black is inspired by the 20s. Her allure and mystery are highlighted by black tulle, French velvet draping, total black or night blue dresses. Nothing is left to chance, the aim is creating a super-feminine, intriguing figure.

The roaring 20s of the Great Gatsby, when women wore drop-waist dresses embellished with sequins and stones, or with exotic detailing, like the feathers at Costume National. Evening dresses adorned with sequins are fluid and do not emphasize the curves, elegance, playfulness and sensuousness are found also in the sartorial details.

Ruffles, flounces wrap the body like black rose petals. Explicit and provocative, the tulle dress leaves little to the imagination, or the plunging V-neckline with tulle insert.

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