Carolina Herrera Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2015 in New YorkLast Monday, the favorite designer of the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Carolina Herrera made waves on the catwalk for a Fall/Winter collection inspired by water.

Anna Wintour, the famous fashion journalist of Vogue, dressed in a black leather and red fur coat, went directly  backstage before the show for a quick embrace and to give a look at the new collection designed by Herrera.

At the first row we could notice the actress Dianna Agron and Olivia Palermo as guests of honor. Among the celebrities atttending to the show there was also Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald and a businesswoman with her own jewelry, the american supermodel Karlie Kloss and the newly designer Victoria Beckham.

Caroline Herrera has designed clothes which move in a fantastic way and it is a young collection. She broke with catwalk rules by kitting her models out in flat shoes and foots, rather than towering stilettos.

After more than 30 years in the business, Herrera known for her lady-like clothes, says the secret of longevity is to look to the future. She is today beloved by Continue reading


Victoria Beckham Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in New York
Last week in New York, Victoria Beckam’s Ready-to-Wear collection was one of the most attended and expected as the former “Spice Girls” has made her way since she decided to launch her own brand a few years ago.

This collection was one of her best and revealed a true business women. She has successfully imposed her brand name on the fashion scene and it was announced that her label will soon open doors on its first retail space in London. The Spring/Summer 2014 show was also the debut for Beckham’s signature shoe line.

Regarding the collection, it was a mixe of new ideas and more familiar favorites made for a sold show that should attract more than a few costumers into Beckham’s new store.

Congratulations Mrs Beckham.



Zang toi to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in New YorkZang Toi established the, “House of Toi” collection in New York in 1989. Malaysian-born Zang Toi is a graduate of the famed Parsons School of Design. Toi burst onto the scene with vibrant hues and bold designs. Over the years, Toi’s designs have evolved from the bright and decadent of the 1990s to the timeless yet modern lines of the turn of the century. No matter what the trend, Zang Toi creations are chic and glamorous, always highlighting the beauty of the female form. All hand made in New York with the most luxurious materials, all unique, all Zang Toi.

Zang landed in New York City at the age of 20 where he studied at the distinguished Parsons School of Design. In 1990, Zang was awarded the Mouton Cadet Young Designer of the Year which recognizes the top, young, U.S. designer of the year.

Since that time, Zang’s work has been featured in major publications such as Canal-luxe, Vanity Fair, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Financial Times, etc. Not only has he dressed Hollywood celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawcett, Kristie Alley, Patti LaBelle, Gong Li, Eva Longoria, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) Continue reading


Zac Posen turning the exuberance that characterizes him, and turning it towards the construction of his garments, he turned to the beautiful simplicity clean lines and silhouettes.

On a tweed double breasted blazer, a dozen curving seams revealed the engineering presided at its creation; it fits like a glove, and espoused the model’s every move.

As if to prove the lightness of construction and execution, one model twirled in her Continue reading


Vera Wang’s romantic and eccentric designer worked on a creative line between youthful irreverence and an after dark refinement that made a surprisingly successful mash up.

The show started  with moody Winter daywear. These pieces, from an enveloping coatdress to a full swing skirt came cut in a charcoal and black tartan pattern often worn head to toe. However Wang’s juxtaposition of different fabrics (wool, printed georgette and satin chiffon) made the show less monotonous.

The addition of some bejeweled insect brooches, necklaces and luxe tops with images of a bug or the phrase “you bug me” injected a fun insolent attitude into the show. But trying to wear the designer’s maxi platform high heels in the Winter snow next season would surely mean running the risk of losing life or limb.

From there Wang started to loose things up considerably with fluid tops and floor length coats which feature hazy blooms- a print treatment that quite a few designers have introduced in their collections this week. Continue reading