canaml-luxeGuillaume Henry born in France in 1978, studied art at Beaux-Arts de Troyes before moving to Paris to enroll in the Ecole Duperré School of Design, Fashion and Creation, and then IFM, the Institut Français de la Mode.

In 2003, he decided to stop his own label and, convinced that he still had much to learn, dedicated himself entirely to studio work at a French couture house.

This was a quiet collection, but with a sexual pulse and an emotional tug a step forward for Henry, now getting into the routine after three seasons at the house.

A variety of glossy textures trying to mind the romantic streets of Paris like the ‘rue St Denis’. It’s everything other than creative Continue reading



Life is a catwalk!” proclaimed Alexis Mabille. His positive attitude fights the current Winter blues and he explains in the backtage “It’s the parallel between the catwalk and a cat’s prowl, because all women are cats to some degree: seductive, power girl, sporty, masculine-feminine,”. Continue reading


My work is an emotional endeavour. I observe everything, storing sensations and inspirations to share with my creative team. I keep a notebook in which to record things that strike me. Continue reading


DINEZFashion Week Haute Couture will take place from January 24th to 28th. The legendary Avenue Montaigne Hotel will pay tribute to Christian Dior with a five star dinner menu.

Under the leadership of Alain Ducasse, Chef Philippe Marc has created a menu inspired by the designer’s favorite recipe book. Fortunately Raf Simmons did not create the menu !

After the “Fast Fashion” they create the FFF (Fast Fashion Food). The fabulous marketing process is “en route”, with the FFF and do not stress if you do not like it you can go to the Dior Institut to relax. Continue reading


SACAnalysts have projected that menswear would become a very lucrative segment of the fashion industry based partly on the buying power that men possess. Today, volumes have been growing at 5% per annum, yet the amount spent per unit has been increasing by 10% a year, which means that men are spending more on each bag they are purchasing.

“Man Bags,” which are considered to be totes, duffels, clutches, backpacks, messenger and bowling bags, represent 1 in 5 of all sales in the global luxury handbag market. The aggregate value of men’s bags sales have doubled with men now spending over $7 billion on luxury bags. Continue reading


1980sThe 1980’s fashion can be seen as a mixture from very diverse styles. There was not only one single trend or style; you could be whoever you want to be.

Women began to ‘dress for success’. They wore ‘men’ suits for powerwomen to adapt to the shapes of men’s clothing. Women in the workplace were no longer unusual. A long, wide blazer combined with shoulderpads, knee-high skirts and simple, elegant shoes with high heels. And not to forget the famous trenchcoat.

In the 1980s and continuing through the mid 1990s casual wear became a fashion trend. Leggings were a big part of this trend. They were usually worn with oversized sweaters and sweatshirts in the cooler months and with oversized tee shirts in the warmers months. Continue reading