courregesFrench fashion designer Andre Courreges, symbol of a style revolution in the 1960s, has died at the age of 92, his company announced on Friday. Courreges, who stopped working in the 1990s, passed away on Thursday after a 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, the Courreges company said in a statement.

Courrèges was influenced by modern architecture, technology, new fabrics, and modernism and futurism in art and design. Several designers lay similar claim, including Coco Chanel, who worked with and knew many modern artists, and Mary Quant, whose career parallels those of Courrèges in some ways (both Courrèges and Mary Quant lay claim to the invention of the miniskirt). Continue reading


ADDIDASThe rapper, who started on a collaboration with Nike, left the brand to sign on with Adidas to take on the role of designer for his Yeezy collections.

He sings, “I ain’t drop an album but the shoes went platinum”, and directly attacks Nike: « Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy, just jumped over Jumpman” and “Nike, Nike treats employees just like slaves/ Gave LeBron a billi’ not to run away”.

Not surprisingly, the media have been abuzz with comments ever since the song dropped on Friday. However, what will have as effect the song, and the buzz, on Adidas?


queensChristopher Policard and Duana Davis, two African-American employees in New York were falsely accused by the management of theft without evidence in front of the other employees and customers.

The two African-American employees have then sued the British fashion house Alexander McQueen and its owner, Kering Americas Inc., for racial discrimination. They worked at Alexander McQueen on Madison Avenue and say that the company “systematically rejects African-American job applicants who seek positions on the sales floor where they can be seen by customers or positions where they might have authority over white employees, relegating the few African-Americans who are hired to menial positions behind the scenes.”
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Mes createurs joailliersIn November 2015 will be held the second edition of “MES CREATEURS JOAILLIERS”. Despite the uncertainty economic recovery climate and recent events in Paris, the latest session was sucessful and even the Prince of Luxury, Bernard Arnault, came and visited the exhibition. The show attracted many purchasing decision-makers, with independent retail, department store and concept store buyers.

The show brought together about 20 brands, half of them were international, presenting a range of increasingly creative and innovative collections. Visitors enjoyed a wider product mix and a greatly enhanced offer, with many brands exhibiting for the first time. Continue reading


KARL-LAGERFELDIt is routines for Karl Lagerfeld! A Visual Journey explores the wide-ranging motifs, approaches and media that define Karl Lagerfeld’s astute and intensely personal interpretation of photography, from the 16th October 2015 at the Pinacotheque of Paris. Your choupette is not required.

The exhibition reveals Lagerfeld’s many areas of interest including architecture, landscapes, Paris by night, portraits and self-portraits, fashion
photography, and abstractions (an interest in the
graphic characterizes many of his photos, regardless of their subject). Two grand photo installations -
Daphnis and Chloe and Le Voyage d’Ulysse – complete this comprehensive display of Lagerfeld’s photographic oeuvre. ‘Tell me what you read, I’ll tell you who you are’ said François Mauriac.. We can adopt the maxim to Karl as well: “Tell me what you shoot and I’ll tell you who you are.” Continue reading


VUITTON2016Nicolas Ghesquière opened his show on a serie of urban biker-chic, with a zest mixture of Gothic, accented with pink to illustrate barbies he met in Japan that will be called more easily: Manga look Barbie rockabilly (platform shoes, lace skirts, asymmetrical hem and mesh).

You usually know, I do not much like the mix of genres but for his collection in 2016, Nicolas handed us a copy where the mixing of genres is omnipresent with efficiency and simplicity in sophistication which has impressed me.

I know each of you eagerly awaiting the comments of Anonymode which, as a rule, does not like the Vuitton group, but this time you will have only positive comments because, we really like the fashion show. Continue reading