DUBAIFASHIONWEEKDubai fashion week was surely one the best organised fashion week in the world. To my mind the Paris Fashion Week is dead. The reasons are: clients are no more in Paris, they are living in London, Dubai, Miami, New York and Shanghai.

Instead of concentring on business and rich tourism, we have been transforming Paris in a huge hotel through AREB&B. You can see all the tourists trolling their luggage like snail. Paris City Hall is responsible for this as on one side it advertises that “Paris loves Fashion” and on the other side, it prohibits car in Paris downtown. I would be very surprised to see Mrs Wintour riding a bicycle from show to show to save the planet. Unfortunately in France the French talented designers leave France because there is no future anymore. Continue reading


Born in 1956, Fashion designer Abed Mahfouz was raised in the arms of a modest family in Lebanon. Being surrounded with all what is takes to become a designer – fabrics, threads, scissors and foremost family members that work in tailoring, Mahfouz decided to enter the enticing world of fashion.

After joining his older sister in designing and making evening gowns, Mahfouz recognized his true fervor for fashion, in which, led to the birth of the Abed Mahfouz brand. Mahfouz commenced his career with solely designing intricate and refined bridal gowns for the in vogue and graceful woman. In 2001, after the success of “Al-Halimah” – meaning “The Dreamer” – his very first private wedding collection; Mahfouz moved on and joined the world of Couture. Continue reading