BLONDESELLY2As key Opinion Leaders, when the times of the collections come, we ask for invitations to the shows. Unfortunately we have been receiving for the last 6 years the same formated email from “students” having an internship at LVMH. Besides those emails are full of mistakes.

We wonder why such companies employ qualified people and ask students to do their jobs. Maybe those communication Managers are not paid enough to fulfill their job and it is a way to claim for a better salary. besides those groups try to make us believe that they invest 100% of their benefits in France. In fact, the sad reality it is that they employ stagiaires to do the jobs to avoid recruiting qualified employees.

If it carries on like that, we will soon see ‘stagiaires’ replacing models, staff, General Manager and so on….. It is true that LVMH cannot really be considered as a Luxe company and in fact no wonder, it does not want to be associated to Canal-Luxe. However I am not a “stagiaire” to give you some advice but only the President of a group of Key Opinion Leaders who reached an audience of 19 millions people last year!

“Luxury is the subtle encounter between a vision of the future that surprised and an understanding of the past that reassures.”