It’s like a gallery in here, the swanky top floor of Louis Vuitton’s refurbished, brightly lit New Bond Street store in London, which is wall-to-wall with color-drenched works by artists including Jim Lambie, Tracey Emin.

“It’s like a nightclub in here,” said Delevingne, who attended with her husband James Cook and who recalled the first party, too. “I used to collaborate with Louis Vuitton when I was a wee little thing,” said the model and actress.

While the evening had been meticulously planned, there was an air of spontaneity, with one of the recessed light fixtures in the ceiling raining water into a big puddle on the floor.

It’s an artwork, an installation. We’re just looking for the artist now, deadpanned Louis Vuitton chairman and chief executive officer Michael Burke who, along with other guests, watched the dripping water with a mix of shock, amusement and resignation. After all, good builders are hard to find these days, no matter where you live.

Asked about sales projections for the first year, the unflappable Burke said the newly refurbished unit was the “most productive” store on Bond Street, and possibly the most productive in London, too.