tristan2Yiqing Yin created the costumes for the ballet « Tristan and Isolde», embodied by star dancers of the Opéra Garnier ,Dorothée Gilbert and Mathieu Ganio in a choreography by Giorgio Mancini, based on Wagner’s original work. The world premiere took place on December 28th at the Opera of Florence where the show will last until January 4th 2015.

“I wanted for Tristan and Isolde to create costumes which can express real emotions. I like the idea of infusing life and soul into creations through the use of gestures and body language, which finishes the garment: dance as a way to materialize realms of imagination ; for Tristan and Isolde, it is that of an insoluble love and lethal passion. I focused on the notions of constant transformation in volumes and movements, in order for the garments to become the imprint of the dancer’s bodies, their respirations and vibrations. The fabrics evolve freely as an extension of their emotions, due to their extreme lightness, they bear witness to an enhanced sense of sensuality but also to a hopeless fragility.”