Chaumet is hosting an exhibit dedicated to Joséphine de Beauharnais and Napoleon Bonaparte at its recently refurbished Place Vendôme flagship in Paris.

Running from April 10 to June 12, the show will focus on the pair’s love story, featuring jewelry, paintings, letters, illustrated documents and other artwork, displayed in the historic rooms overlooking the Place Vendôme. In addition to pieces from Chaumet’s collection, curator Pierre Branda has gathered items from public and private collections, including the Royal Danish Collection and the Louvre Museum.

Chaumet is the only private company taking part in a series of events marking the Year of Napoleon” in France, which will include exhibits at the Archives Nationales, the Musée de l’Armée and the Musée de Malmaison.

The historic jeweler was closely associated with the pair and their coronation, serving as Joséphine’s official jeweler and supplier of Napoleon’s sword for his coronation adorned with the 140-carat Regent diamond.


Chaumet’s hôtel particulier located at 12 place vendôme has re-opened its doors. an exceptional virtual visit with jean-marc mansvelt, the ceo of the jewellery house. for the second episode, let’s explore the shop overlooking the famous place.interview with jean-marc mansvelt, ceo of chaumet:this is our most important shop in the world, it’s the same as for our hôtel particulier, it represents the most ultimate setting of the chaumet house. we also revisited the whole store by recreating the circulation, including a direct entrance from the place vendôme.here, we really have the same concept of a store as it has been established in the world since 2017. Continue reading