China’s fashion capital is teaming with young designers, many of whom have studied in London, Paris, New York, or Milan before moving to Shanghai. Amongst this group of mainly millennials, some teamed up in pairs to drive their young labels forward. A process of constant collaboration and partnership, the design duo format can be a compelling one especially in a fast-paced country like China. Growth can be fast, and these labels are being quickly snapped up by the likes of Lane Crawford. But will any of them become China’s answer to Yves st laurent or Dior?

For the two men behind menswear line Pronounce, new interest in independent designers in their native China offers fresh and exciting opportunity. Their frequent visits and time spent in Milan help to underscore the more serious tailoring and fabrication skills they employ at the brand.

In their creative collaboration, the pair refer back to an archive of reference material built together since they met. There’s a carefree, masculine edge to the pure lines on luscious knits, belted pants, and contemporary coats. Central Saint Martins’ MA graduate Yushan explains, “we often get inspiration from things that aren’t necessarily ‘trendy’ or ‘fashion-y,’ but more classical.”