A soft symphony that sounds like silk that scratches the symbols of a bygone era, and even if the way of listening has evolved, nothing is lost, everything is transformed to return like this pendulum, so well adjusted, which returns, after excess, to its starting point, of the traditional machines that played with the past and the present.

Is producing less amputated sounds with TSF tubes an ethical approach? Probably, because reconditioning these old posts of our grandparents will remain for a long time to come an object of the future past. His wood cracks from these memories like lightning flashes that smash from the sky on earth. She listened to Radio London and its litany of long sobs of autumn violins that rocked our hearts, in a monotonous languor, for the hope of a better life.

I met the Héleore company, in a small shop in Paris, where a group of craftsmen came from this beautiful region now called Occitania and their singing accent of Carcassonne, a city with medieval architecture restored by Viollet-le-Duc and thus inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

They went to the capital to make us rediscover our own values. These objects which, when I look at them, transmit an emotion to me, and make me think of my grandfather who was listening to the tour de France and where the noise had to be silent. But also, to my great-great-grandfather, who had this “Art of Echo” radio station in the middle of his living room, once called the common room, a war trophy like a television set no longer does today. These are more than objects of France, but they express the history of France, and our entire heritage. It is the story of these young people who believe that, perhaps, perhaps, I mean perhaps, one day they will be able to build a more human world, with the values of their parent who will pass through the sweet message of poetry.

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