Collection red nec, poetic and feminine. “The Santons de Provence” by Jacquemus, with that new collection, the creator pays tribute to his region “La Provence”. This time he has chosen as theme “The Santons” after “The reconstruction” and “The red nose”. This tradition dates back to the Middle Age. According to the legend it would be François d’Assise, native of Tarascon, who created in 1223 the first living creche in Greccio, but scenes were already played for several centuries by actors in the mysteries of the Nativity on the courts of churches.

Variations around unstructured jackets, waist-high pants, voluminous shoulders, with a vast range of colors of Yin and Yang flowing on the blue rather toneless. What a success for this young self-made man who does not come out of any fashion school, but everyone knows that in this sector, no matter where you come from. The most important is to be creative.