CANALTOITFrom the top of the world, day after day, I watched the most beautiful hotel in the world to be build. May I remember you that it is there that in May 1922 James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky and Serge Diaghilev who celebrates the premiere of his ballet Renard, were seeing each other.

It is also in this place that in 1928, George Gershwin composed the celebrated symphonic poem « An American in Paris ». It is again here that the Paris Agreement, which lead to the end of the Vietnam war, were signed in 1973. Finally it is still here that from 1936, the French government located UNESCO offices and from 1958 (till 2009), the French Foreign Minister held conferences.

To give you further information on the hotel we are expecting to be invited as we would like to report on the services and the palace.