margiellaFinally, John is back, and this time it’s true ! After a pit stop at Oscar de la Renta, John Galliano is back in fashion at Martin Margiela, to everyone’s surprise. In fact since that announcement, the blogger and social media have asked me the coherance of this nomination. I keep repeating the same thinks (a talented designer can do anything, and a talented designer should be pluridisciplinary), like Karl as photograph, Jean Mouclier at Cartier’s, Serge Mansau as the designer of perfumes but also as sculptor, Franck Sorbier as Couturier and Master of Art, but also creator of dreams.

The equation Margiella-Galliano seems at first sight complicated, but finally, several factors suggest that this is a winning combination.

First of all, this nomination is challenging and Renzo Rosso loves risky business. His vision has never betrayed him even in 2003 when he acquired Maison Martin Margiela. What courage that jeaner entrepreneur has to give a second chance at John Galliano. It’s not surprising that he named his luxury group “Only The Brave.”

Besides all, John Galiano is a chameleon, and you will see that he will sublimate Margiela brand as well as he will redesign sewing thanks to his innovative vision. But it’s the redemption that will be John’s catalyzer. John Galliano is back and we love him.