KARL-LAGERFELDIt is routines for Karl Lagerfeld! A Visual Journey explores the wide-ranging motifs, approaches and media that define Karl Lagerfeld’s astute and intensely personal interpretation of photography, from the 16th October 2015 at the Pinacotheque of Paris. Your choupette is not required.

The exhibition reveals Lagerfeld’s many areas of interest including architecture, landscapes, Paris by night, portraits and self-portraits, fashion
photography, and abstractions (an interest in the
graphic characterizes many of his photos, regardless of their subject). Two grand photo installations -
Daphnis and Chloe and Le Voyage d’Ulysse – complete this comprehensive display of Lagerfeld’s photographic oeuvre. ‘Tell me what you read, I’ll tell you who you are’ said François Mauriac.. We can adopt the maxim to Karl as well: “Tell me what you shoot and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Karl began shooting relatively late. He took his first professional photos in 1987, then ironically more out of necessity than choice. “I would never have thought of making photos myself, if my friend, Eric Pfrunder, Director of Image at Chanel Fashion, had not one day pressed me to do so when he urgently needed photos for a presskit. Today photography is part of my life. It completes the circle between my artistic and professional restlessness.”