bow2Tradition states to do the Christmas tree on the 8th of December, but who can wait two weeks? I make no mistake, I did it three weeks ago. I started to see the decorations around the shops and I could not resist! You can smell the scent of gifts since then, but how to create the perfect gift packaging?

It is explained by one of the most famous French fashion house Louis Vuitton, who with his video gives us useful tips:
1. Prepare the packaging with fluffy feathers
2. Choose the prettiest box.
3. Make a perfect ribbon.

It seems easy but in reality, it is not?! But after having watched the spot a few times, you understand that the message is a bit different … It means that if you want to please your dearest at Christmas, give her a Louis Vuitton bag and the success is guaranteed. Wrap it into the cotton bag with logo, choose the iconic brown box logoed, wrapped around a nice ribbon inserted of the logo … this is the perfect gift! Do not you think?