canal2Each year at Christmas the same question comes back: what am I going to offer to my love?

Many ideas come to my mind. But this year I would like something special and different. I look for a present which beats regularly like my heart. What would be more natural than a watch which beats like a heart. Now my trouble is to find the right one. The choice is vast.

Now the question is: how to choose a true watchmaker to whom I can trust to give my heart. It is difficult to find a watch for a woman. Today, many girls love wearing men’s watch just to say: I have a man at home. The society is changing and the rules of consumption are changing as well.

I will recommend to choose a Swiss product and specially a watch manufactured at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland which is the heart of the luxury watch manufacture. Do not confond joailler and watchmaker because some joailliers do not necessary produce watch. However a watchmaker can be a joailler.

Anyway one thing is sure is that if you buy a Chanel or a Dior you will never have a luxury product. Do not hesitate to look for unknown brands which only produce very high quality and exceptional watches: price being never a problem when it is for your love.