TOLENA“How can a collection like the one you’ve just seen be delivered to the shops tomorrow?,” said Sidney Toledano, Chief Executive after the Dior’s show.

“That would mean we’d manufactured it six months ago and put it in the fridge … When you put a collection in the shops the following day, that means that the selection from the runway has already been made — you’re taking a risk.”

This is concerning the ‘See now and buy after the show’. Mr Toledano is right because for a large company like Dior “impossible” is probably a bad word, but for luxury company miracle is possible. It is surprising that such a group like Dior that the “just in time” process does not exist.

Here, we are not talking about Haute Couture but Ready-to-Wear and therefore the techniques of fabrication are different. To produce Ready-to-Wear you use automatic machines and thus you surely not need six months to produce the collection, unless you talk about the whole collection. However that should not prevent you to start right after the collection to distribute  the first pieces. You could also still produce a minimum range of the collection before to put in the shops just after the collection. Anyway maybe you have to completely rethink the way French fashion house work. It seems that in other countries they do not have that problem.

To my opinion, if when you meet a beautiful woman, you will not expect to sleep with her six months later! Do you?