In the soft gloom of this late day, the sunset is reflected on the Thames. Fashion girl with “street” and tender who make shiver the skin of her aficionados tingle, magician of the soul, and magnificent of softness at the threshold of the Brexit paradise He had said to us, lays her tulle on the London romance of the night.


Their head-held-high attitudes proved that Rocha’s collection of full-skirted belted coats and dresses isn’t meant only for girls.

Looking more closely at the clothes the organza see-through layers of trench coats, the bodices and bras caught in deshabille, the bloomers glimpsed in the back-views of skirts it was obvious that there was something deeper going on beneath the surface.

There was a something dark lurking within her research. The collection was an honoring of Rocha’s formative attachment to the work of Louise Bourgeois, whose themes in themselves were also a startlingly honest struggle between tenderness and sexuality, often expressed in fabrics and textiles. The spiderweb embroideries and prints Rocha used on her puffball coats and dresses were made in collaboration with the Louise Bourgeois Foundation. Continue reading