Eric Charles DonatienJust when you thought that nothing new could be done with a shoe, there was a stiletto plumaseri. To my mind, the most amazing thing about shoes is that they were made in the sixties and seventies, to walk on a red carpets in the Dolce Vita years. Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren and Ava Gardner wore these shoes.

Would you like a new idea? How to make classic shoes becoming a footwear that looks like a real acessory. If you are looking for that kind of shoes and wish to wear an original pair of bespoken shoes we invite you to visit the

Parisian workshop of Eric Charles-Donatien
18 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris

Tel: +33 1 42 60 97 88
Cell: +06 60 17 11 66

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